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Ex-boyfriend of Bride Crashes Indian Wedding and Marries Her Forcibly

During an Indian wedding recently, the supposed former lover of the bride entered the event and forcefully married her in front of her husband to be, and the whole crowd. People tried to stop him, which resulted in chaos during the ceremony. The video went viral on social media, and people started commenting on how is it related to some Bollywood films. Some made fun of it, and many considered it unfortunate.

Ex-Boyfriend Ruins the Indian Wedding Successfully

The marriage ceremony was ongoing in Gorakhpur, India. Reportedly, the unexpected event occurred during the final step of the Indian wedding. The bride and groom were about to exchange garlands when the uninvited guest entered and compromised the moment. He put the Sindoor (a necessary item to get married) on the bride’s forehead. Everyone, including the girl, was surprised by the sudden act.

Betrayal Ruined the Wedding

As per reports, the boy was the bride’s ex-lover who went to some other city to earn money. Apparently, the girl’s parents tricked them both by fixing her marriage with some other person. They betrayed the boy and finalized everything. The media said the boy felt played, so he secretly entered the venue and married the girl himself to get back at the ones who tried to fool him.

Relatable Memes on the Occasion

Some memers are enjoying the unfortunate event by relating it with the news of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s wedding. They are making fun of Salman Khan as if he would do the same as the bride’s former lover did during the Indian wedding. The memes are all over social media, and people are just enjoying the memers’ sense of humour regarding Katrina, Vicky, and Khan’s alleged love triangle. The media is especially fixated on Salman’s supposed feelings about the marriage.

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