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Hilarious FIFA World Cup 2022 Memes for Those Who Don’t Watch Football

The social media has been buzzing with funny FIFA World Cup 2022 memes for the last couple of days. The group stages for FIFA World Cup 2022 are staring from November 20. The fever is high in almost every country whether they are one of 32 competitors or not. Every football fan is rooting for their country or a favourite team to win the coveted tournament. The buzz has also led those who don’t watch football in the meme game as well. They may understand the hype but they are too detached from the sport to know the details related to each team in the competition and their talented players. So, they have been sharing memes based on thier limited knowledge, making them even funnier than the regular ones.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Memes

Social media is rife with commentary about players who are at the top of their game and pose great threat to opposition. After proving themselves at club level, fans expect them to dominate the World Cup as well. However, it may not sound familiar to those who only know about a couple of footballers. Interestingly, there are more than 128,000 professional football players in the world including men and women. But, those who don’t follow the sport know about only 2 or 3 players due to thier unsurmountable fame. These players are mainly Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, Lionel Messi from Argentina, and Neymar Jr. from Brazil. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are filled with their videos of exceptional skills that not only entertain the crowd but frustrate their opponents too. Despite their greatness, they still have to win the World Cup. However, this World Cup has several other dangerous player in other teams that may make it further hard for these fan favourites to get the elusive title.

Cricket Lovers Watching Football World Cup

Pakistan is a country where cricket is the most loved and watched sport. A very small fraction of population follows football regularly. It is because Pakistan has a national cricket team with allocated resources and board. Whereas, football is still a street game which a community plays with its own resources. Some cricket players also play football for fitness and endurance. Here’s one meme that shows a Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi juggling a football. For some it might be a sad meme instead of funny because of how Afridi got injured in the final match of T20 World Cup against England. Pakistan lost the final but Afridi’s injury became the pivotal moment that broke audiences’ hearts. The pacer will return to action in 2 weeks according to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) but here Pakistanis are sharing their interest to see him in FIFA World Cup too.

People Wait 4 Years for This

Football is widely famous among the youth that has a lively social circle. Friends do lot of things together for fun but during the World Cup that changes. Football fans have to be watching the match somehow like clockwork. The feeling is even stronger when it involves a team they support. It is difficult for them to adjust something else in those 90 minutes. It may bother some of their friends with other plans in mind. Here’s a meme that shows what football fans can miss because of their love for the game.

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