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18 Years Old Girl’s Gang Rape on Gojra Motorway M4 Sparks Outcry

On Thursday, an 18-year-old girl became the victim of sexual assault. The culprits reportedly tricked the girl to get in a car and gang-raped her. The victim survived the attack and is currently under medical examination. The authorities including Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar have taken notice of the gang rape on the Gojra Motorway M4 incident. The police officials are investigating the matter thoroughly. Reportedly, the prime suspects are under custody and the officials are interrogating them.

Victims Aunt’s Statement Regarding the Gang Rape on Gojra Motorway M4

The victim’s aunt lodged an FIR against the criminals. She explained what happened to the teenager. She stated that her niece was manipulated by the criminals as they offered her a fake job at a boutique via a text message and asked her to appear for an interview. When she arrived at the location, three men took her hostage in a car and raped her on the Gojra Motorway. Later, they threw her on the road near Faisalabad Interchange. Luckily, the girl survived. As per media reports, she is under observation and doctors are running tests to collect the DNA sample.

Law Enforcers and Authorities are Progressing Towards Serving Justice

Reportedly, Inspector-General Rao Sardar Ali and Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar took notice of the hideous crime and asked the regional police officers (RPO) to present a report on the gang rape on Gojra motorway M4 case. Also, the CM has advised them to take the rapists into custody as quickly as possible. The IG Punjab also stated that justice for the girl is a must thing to do on a priority basis. As per a policeman, they caught the main suspect and trying to catch the rest of his acquaintances.

This Madness Needs a Permanent Full stop

Sadly, gang rape on Gojra motorway m4 isn’t the first case but it is one of many that became highlighted. One year back, a woman’s rape on a motorway raised outcry on social media. She was on her route towards Gujranwala and her car had run out of fuel. She was waiting for help along with her kids when the rapists came, broke the window, dragged her into bushes, and assaulted her before the children. Now a similar kind of incident has caused alarm since the cases are not decreasing even after the punishment in earlier cases was served. A lot of people, mostly women say that they don’t just want to punish the criminals after they had committed the crime but they wish authorities to take actions that help stop the acts permanently. People are urging the state to take firm action against these demons and use that punishment to set an example for others with similar intentions.

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