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Woman’s Rape on Motorway in Pakistan Raises Outcry on Social Media

Recently, two men robbed and raped a woman on a motorway in Lahore, Pakistan while she was waiting for help to arrive. It was 1:30 am Thursday when she had to stop due to insufficient fuel in her car. She called her relative and he advised her to contact motorway police too: Allegedly motorway police didn’t respond in an expected way since the area was not in their jurisdiction. Meanwhile, two men came, broke the car’s window, and took the women along with her two kids with them; they raped the woman in front of her children, and then robbed her. They took her belongings including RS 100,000 cash, a bracelet, and three ATM cards. The rape on motorway has caused concern among the citizens for many reasons.

The women described that motorway police supposedly told her that the area was outside their patrol limits. 

An Outrage Over Woman’s Rape On Motorway

Pakistanis are questioning who was at fault here: Was it the motorway police which didn’t bother helping a woman stuck in the middle of the road at night, the culprits who brutally manipulated and raped the woman before her children, or the woman herself whose night became a nightmare? 

Public of Pakistan expressed their emotions by requesting justice for the woman and her family. They furiously asked to put those behind bars or punish them who didn’t care to provide their assistance and stop such sinful act. 

Demand For Public Hanging

Most of the people opined about punishing the offenders the way they deserve. They required justice for the woman who went through this terrible incident. They requested authorities to take a stand against such monsters.

The duplicity of opinions involved the suggestions of those who appealed for execution publically in order to teach a lesson to those men who commit the heinous crime of rape. Many of the angry men and women demanded to hang the rapists openly. Angry and disheartened individuals proposed to leave rapists at the hand of the public.

The concerns of the public also revealed another viewpoint i.e. people should not wait for a change because it is not happening soon, but instead, women should protect themselves from such heartless and mind sick freaks through learning self-defense.

The issue is rape on motorway is not the only problem but the the odds of facing same brutality within home abode are also high. Further, the self defense can’t work in case victim is faced with so many culprits.

As men are not willing to educate themselves in decency, one of the most effective solutions might be, providing education regarding self-defense to women. There should be training institutes, therapeutic departments to help those who have been victimized, and proper implementation of women empowerment programs: so that women could defend themselves against men.

The conflict between religion and society has also played its role in this matter as some of the individuals accused the religious entities to be negligent regarding this matter. All the so called representatives of religion would be taking a stand against the matter if it was some religious controversy. Simply put, no one bothered to support the woman because it is but just a social issue for some persons. 

The issue is rape on motorway is not the only problem but the the odds of facing same brutality within home abode are also high. Further, the self defense can’t work in case victim is faced with so many culprits.

Other Legal Proceedings than Public Execution:  

Maryam Nawaz condoled on this incident and stated that such act of violence must not go unanswered, as the criminals who committed this wretched crime must be brought before justice and they ought to pay for their sin. To fight with such impurities and crimes within a cultural and social setting is the biggest responsibility of the citizens. 

The diversity of opinions infer to contradictory views such as there are people who demanded to hang the rapist publically whereas, many entities stated arguments in favor of preventing law from being vandalized. In their view, law must be given importance and the culprits must be punished by following proper law protocols. Allegedly, executing the offenders might not be the best solution but following law surely is. 

Rape is a systematic problem which cannot be eradicated from the society by publically executing rapists. It is provoked and promoted due to the process of objectifying women in society. The core reason of rape is silence against this matter. Law must take strict action against those who are amused by laying their hands on defenseless women.

Whether it is right or wrong, punishment is necessary for those who indulge themselves in this immorality. Law and order must to be followed and we are supposed to respect the decisions of law since it is accountable for our safety. Yet some mindless creatures forget that there is an upper hand which they are answerable to. Such authorities and custodians are equipped with power and public requires them to use that power against offenders to keep the women and everyone safe. 

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