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Why Donald Trump Is Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize 2021

US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at next year’s ceremony. The Nobel Prize is given to those who have shown outstanding achievement in terms of peace, physics, chemistry, medicine, and literature. It is attributed to Alfred Nobel who invented the dynamite and also contributed in other sectors like business, science, poetry, and drama. In his will, he left around 31 million SEK (approximately 265 million USD today) for the establishment of this prize.

The foundation of the Nobel Prize was laid in 1895 on the basis of his varied interest which are reflected through several categories in this award. One such category is peace, for which Donald Trump is nominated this year. Reportedly POTUS has been nominated for mediating the historic UAE and Israel peace deal.

Who Nominated Donald Trump For The Nobel Peace Prize 2021?

According to The Nobel Prize website, the Norwegian Nobel Committee is responsible for selecting the laureates (nominees for Nobel Peace Prize). This nomination is usually submitted by those who are qualified to nominate. The website has listed all the qualified nominators whose selection is considered valid by The Nobel Prize organization.

Trump’s nomination was submitted by NATO’s Norwegian MP, Christian Tybring-Gjedde. He applauded the president’s contribution to striking a unique deal between UAE and Israel. He stressed that Trump should get the prize regardless of the criticism against him. Tybring-Gjedde has also nominated Trump in the past for brokering a peace deal between North Korea and Syria. Trump complained once that he deserved the award for his work on North Korea and Syria but he won’t get any (pertaining to his public image).

Is Trump Nominated For Peace Prize For Doing The Opposite of Peace?

The news came as a shock to many but some were lightened after knowing who nominated Donald Trump. The tweets suggested that the supposed qualified nominators might not be as qualified as they are privileged to be

Others wanted a popular TV host to award him if he actually wins it. This host actively criticized Trump on the number of issues in the US like the police violence against the US protestors.

Far left accommodated their frustrations in the form of memes. They tried to show how illogical is the decision to even consider Trump for a peace prize.

Someone went on about the travesties Trump has brought to the US with his leadership. He is clearly a failure as a president who has gained less respect from Americans than he has gained heat. The allegations against him won due to lack of defensive evidence, which has ignited chaos in the US. The country is far from being in peace.

The Writer of The Shadow World, Andrew Feinstein reckoned that all nominees must withdraw from The Nobel Prize organization if Trump is selected for any award. He added that if Trump won the peace award, it would kill the very purpose of this award. Ultimately, the winner would be racism, imperialism, corruption, misogyny, and xenophobia. In this regard, Andrew suggested that The Nobel Prize organization must withdraw the peace prize entirely if it stands for this.

Is Trump’s Selection in Peace Prize Reasonable?

There are countless arguments on why Trump is not an ideal example of a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination. The president’s stance on peace has always been fueled by his personal opinions rather than injustices and cruelty happening around the world. He targeted a specific religious group and banned them from entering the US, implying that all Muslims were dangerous for America.

He killed an Iranian General with a drone strike and claimed that he was about to attack US with his forces. He claimed in the beginning that he had no intentions of war but he pulled this act after 3 years of his presidency. Iran threatened to retaliate which was not taken seriously by Trump. Four presidents before Trump avoided the military conflict with Iran due to their first war in 1983 with Iraq. US may had some tactical advantage but Iran demonstrated far better strategy in terms of war. US had no choice but to side with Iraq but it still lost 500,000 lives and around 1 trillion USD after which the US decided to not mess with Iran.

Now that Trump has awoken the sleeping giant, it is expected that he will face the consequences in which millions of innocent people could die. Trump has also deteriorated the trade relations between the US and China. There were severe aftereffects of Trump’s personal grudge with China on the Citizens of the US. China is a necessary industry for a country like the US that has an unlimited amount of products in the market. Most of the production is carried out in China due to the cheap labor and higher manual skills than the US.

From shoemakers to tech giants, everybody is bound to involve China in their business. Trump said that China was stealing user data through its apps, due to which he has currently pressurized Chinese TikTok to find an American owner for the US market. However, Trump’s new tariff with China resulted in very higher costs for businesses and consumers alike. Reportedly the duty on some imported items has gone up from 17.6% to 42.6%. The Americans believe that they are the ones who are paying for Trump’s actions, not China.

The US-China trade wars and US-Iran conflict that can jeopardize the lives and livelihoods do make Donald Trump unsuitable for a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination.

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