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UAE and Israel Peace Deal: What Does It Mean For Pakistan?

UAE has reportedly established economic and diplomatic relationships with Israel after 49 years. Since its independence in 1971, UAE considered Israel an enemy. However, now it is reported that both nations have normalized their ties. Pakistan doesn’t officially recognize Israel and there are no official diplomatic ties between two; therefore, UAE’s deal with Israel is generating some debate in Pakistan.

According to the foreign policy of Pakistan, citizens cannot travel to Israel. Many experts who feel bothered by that policy have presented their opinions on social media

UAE and Israel Peace Deal Exaggerates the Debate on Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

After UAE recognized Israel, some famous journalists and analysts in Pakistan presented the idea of replicating the act. As the director of Asia Program recalls, the ex-President of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharaff also eagerly wanted the same.

However, he also mentions a controversial behavior that involved the reports of Israelite jet landing safely in Pakistan. That intensified the conversation of Pakistan and Israel having good relationships under the table but it was soon silenced. Pakistan denied the reports of any jet, maintaining that the ties between the two countries were still non-existent

Will Pakistan Also Recognize Israel?

Some analysts suggested that Pakistan must be free from deciding its friends and enemies. It should also recognize Israel for the sake of national interest like UAE did. It is also speculated that more Muslim countries like Oman, Bahrain, and KSA will also forget the differences and accept Israel’s status as a state.

Since UAE changed its foreign policy for Israel, Pakistani journalists wonder if the same is possible in Pakistan. They questioned that eventually all of the Gulf States will join hands with Israel so what is stopping Pakistan?

One opinion pointed to Pakistan’s continuous efforts for diverting the attention of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) towards Kashmir – an issue which is not in the interest of Saudi. It makes such aspiration further difficult for Pakistan when seemingly historic enemies became friends

There were many contradictory remarks from different journalists. Those who ranted about hidden friendly relationships between seemingly animus nations were called out as military media touts. Others were just curious as to where all of this will lead

What Is Wrong In With Being Friends With Israel?

The authorities in Pakistan have not reacted like some people were expecting. The response from many other Muslim nations including Turkey, Iran, and Palestine was strong. It made hypocrisy a little more visible because Pakistani establishment is actively voicing Kashmir issue in the name of oppression but ignoring the state of oppressed Muslims in minor countries who condemn Israel for oppression in minor Muslim states

As per some popular opinions, Israel is an illegitimate state that was established due to apartheid and extortion. Advocating the peace deal between Israel and UAE was hailed as an act of support towards the oppression by Israel’s state towards minor Muslim regions. A lawyer mentions that the idea of Pakistan’s friendship with Israel is distorted due to the stance of Pakistan’s founder on this matter and also Israel’s alleged involvement in Kahuta attack.

Knowing the nature of Pakistani Muslims, social media personality Waqar Zaka urged them to not engage in protests in Pakistan because it is UAE and Israel which have made an agreement. He told them that they can go to UAE if they want to participate in protests. That way it won’t add to the misfortune of this country

Fatima Bhutto gave her opinion on UAE and Israel Peace deal by sharing a news article about Israel’s attack on a school in Ghaza.

According to recent reports, Israel and UAE were also working on some COVID-19 research together which will involve artificial intelligence. Soviet-Afghan War veteran Zaid Hamid analyzed that this peace deal is an opportunity for Israel to commit genocide in the name of fighting COVID-19

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