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Demand for Removal of CCPO Lahore after He Blames Rape Victim

CCPO Lahore made some insensitive remarks about a woman who was raped on Motorway on September 10. He illogically blamed the victim for driving alone with the kids by saying that woman who drove on the motorway should have chosen GT road instead and it was her mistake to not take the right route.

CCPO Lahore Facing Criticism

The public has made it clear that they do not want such representatives of the law sitting on seats that matter. CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh appeared unqualified and uneducated to be working as a Capital City Police Officer for the people who think his comment was ignorant.

The exact thinking of this CCPO sums up the Pakistani men in a nutshell. They judge women first rather than properly judging the criminal. Word chosen by the officer indicates that he has no interest for the dignity of women, the nature of crime, and the safety of Motorway for which he was appointed. 

The response from the CCPO Lahore suggests how far he is from contemporary and religious education. A journalist reminded him how an Islamic state operates but this doesn’t seem a case in Pakistan.

Never-ending Misogyny in Pakistan

The CCPO Lahore proved the very point of the critics of Pakistan. It is that the police prefers to blame the victim in order to stall or avoid the job they have been hired to do. It could have taken only one night for a skillful detective to solve the case. The state of Pakistani police (especially Punjab) prevents the victim to file a complaint. It is highly doubtful that Pakistan can uphold the value of law with these kind of officials 

Popular social media personality Waqar Zaka also remarked aggressively against the CCPO. It might be a little extremist to hang the person based on his mindset because his thinking is largely fueled by how the officer educated himself. It is quite similar to the majority of men with inbred misogyny. Some are strong enough to see through it while others just prefer to open their mouth before opening their brain. Same thing happened with this CCPO

The Demand for Removal of CCPO Lahore

Even Shireen Mazari the minister for human rights also condemned the remarks of CCPO Lahore.

These outrageous comments have made people demand the removal of the officer.

TV anchor Nasim Zahra asked fellow news anchors to demand the removal of CCPO Lahore for the sake of promoting decency in Pakistan and respecting the women’s rights.

The lawyer Hassan Niazi also raised the similar demand.

CCPO Defending His Remarks

While talking to media CCPO Lahore tried to clarify himself by saying that he didn’t mean to blame the victim but narrated the fact that it was not safe for a woman to drive at motorway at night. And it was not France where she should have stepped outside at night.

One thing is clear that women will continue to be unsafe and victimized as long as these kind of police officers are occupying the important positions. They have to disappear as vile men are not starting to think with their minds instead of genitals.

Increasing Rape Cases in Pakistan

A very emotional tweet pictured the recent rape incidents in Pakistan which are horrible to even know about. In this God-forsaken country, vile men have raped everything, from an 8-month-old baby to a corpse after digging it out from a grave. It is very tragic that it is the Pakistani law that is responsible for dealing with these abominations in the shape of human beings.

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