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Google London Headquarter Design Unveiled

The search engine giant unveiled the new Google London headquarter design. The company plans to build the headquarter near the great King Cross Railway Station. The building will consist of 11 stories with over 1 million-square-foot space.

Facilities included in the Google London Headquarter Design

The new Google London Headquarter Design will have numerous facilities for the Googlers. The office will have a pool, gym, and a café. The building will feature a rooftop track with ground-floor spaces for a retail outlet.

Team of Designers behind the Google London Headquarter Design

The designers behind this revolutionary architecture include British Designer Thomas Heatherwick and Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. The idea as per the designers is to make the building integrate with the skyline. The building will help the Googlers seamlessly connect across multiple floors.

Purchase of the Property in the UK

Google bought ownership of 2.4 acres in central London back in 2013. Google at that time did not reveal the exact price of the plot. However, insider sources told that Google probably paid £1 billion for that property.

At that time the Google VP said that this investment further reinforces the company’s interest in the UK market. The construction was expected to start in 2013 but did not take place. However, the company announced again in November 2016 to continue with the development.

The company has an estimated workforce of around 4,000 employees in the UK. The company aims to build this building to double the available office space.

Sundar Pichai’s Take on Google London Headquarter Design

Google London Headquarter Design UnveiledGoogle’s CEO shared the same beliefs regarding the UK’s potential. Back in 2016, he said that Google sees significant opportunities in Great Britain. The company, as per him, could build great products for the long term.

London’s Mayor on Google London Headquarter Design

In 2016, Sadiq Khan expressed pleasure on the big news for his city. He was of the view that the new office will bring in job opportunities. Furthermore, it will help bring in new investments and attract talent from across the world.

Costs and Benefits for Google

Google estimated back in 2016 to invest around £600 million in the construction of the new building. Because, the company’s staff is spread across locations like Victoria and Covent Garden. Therefore, the new offices will help the company have a consolidated workforce headquarter.

Final Comment from the Builders of the New Office

The architects expressed their views that they did not want to impose a universal style on Google’s new building. The designers tried to come up with an interesting yet scalable concept fitting with the local community. Consequently, the developers mainly focused on concepts of clarity, innovation, and eccentricity.

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