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Graphene Ball Battery – Future of Smartphone Batteries

Samsung needs a new battery technology, not just to reduce charging time but overcome explosions. Our busy lives are already full of so many activities to do. Throw in the time you need to bring your dying phone back to life. This time around, Samsung promises to come up with a new magic solution, aka graphene ball battery.

Graphene Ball Battery – What’s the Magic Anyway?

The noticeable upgrade is of the material. Samsung is working on bringing in a new graphene ball battery technology. So, what’s the point of it? Well, without going back to the exploding case of Note 7, this time Samsung says these batteries are safe. Also, it claims that they would charge five times faster.

The Material

The idea is to help us reduce the time we waste in charging our phones. The new material will hopefully replace the lithium-ion batteries in use. So, the new graphene ball battery, as per the South Korean phone maker, will fully charge the phone in 12 minutes. It holds some unique properties that make it the ideal material for use in smartphone batteries. The material is more durable, stronger, and highly conductive.

Graphene Ball Battery

The Research Team Behind Graphene Ball Battery

Son In-hyuk and his research team are working on a mechanism to mass-synthesize graphene into a popcorn structure. They are using silica to achieve that graphene ball. The apparent creation of material involves its addition to cathode materials or lithium-ion batteries and anode protective layers.

We all know the time since we last saw a big leap in the form of lithium-ion batteries. The electric cars industry and many others are waiting for the next big miracle in charge storage. This new Samsung battery may be the miracle for which everyone awaits. Even the solar grids require some form of reliable energy storage to power the homes and businesses. The new cell phone batteries may prove to add higher charge storage capacity.

Graphene Ball Batteries Remain Cool

Temperature remains one of the critical issues with smartphone batteries. The new graphene ball battery, as per media reports, does not heat up. So, hopefully, this time around Samsung did figure it all out. Therefore, we should not expect any more explosions as we saw in case of the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problem.

When Will We Get One of These Batteries?

As always, it is not simple with the techie firms. They are still researching, experimenting and firming their best ideas. Therefore, no definite timeline is available yet to give us an idea about the availability. However, it still provides us with the battery storage industry a new hope to find a solution that fits changing energy needs of our daily lives, typically the large screen battery eating smartphones.

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