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How Harry and Meghan are Doing After Leaving The Kingdom?

Meghan and Harry have been in Southern California for six months. Reportedly, after severing ties with the royal family, the couple wanted to build an independent royal lifestyle which only they can control.

The couple has started to carve their own path on which they have met interesting turning points. For the first time ever, a British royal couple would appear in Hollywood. They have signed a huge deal with Netflix as producers of scripted series, documentaries, docuseries, and children’s programs.

Harry And Meghan On Making A Better Global Community

They stated that they want to inform and give hope about various causes in ethnically diverse communities through their content. Stemming from the same passion, the couple pleaded the Americans to exercise their right to vote in upcoming US elections 2020.

The couple did not endorse any candidate but still became a target of immense criticism. Some part of the audience interpreted their comments as preferring Joe Biden over current US president Donald Trump.

According to the reports, Meghan Markle was an outspoken critic of Donald Trump before marrying into the royal family. She has described him as misogynistic and divisive. Now Harry has told people to reject hate speech, misinformation, and online negativity which some felt was against Trump. 

Criticism On Royal Interference In The US Politics

A royal insider has reportedly condemned this behavior by the royal couple. He said they crossed a line and broke royal protocol by engaging in the US politics. British broadcaster and the longtime critic of Harry and Meghan, Piers Morgan also implied that the prince was indirectly speaking against trump which is an unacceptable behavior for a royal family member

Some critics opined that Harry craves the air time which led him to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong. They argue that being the royal highness, he should display politically neutral behavior.

While others opined that the couple might have had their own political agenda. The royals have been accused of censoring parts of media for being too “distorted and invasive” so, the critics implied that the couple only wants positive news to be shown rather than actual ones

The Support From Citizens

Supporters of Harry and Meghan have valiantly faced the critics on voting issue. They have tried to clarify that Harry’s stance was against those who spread misinformation and hate on internet rather than politics. The supportive user also fired back at Morgan for criticizing a wrong incident

The couple remains in the sharp crosshairs because many believe that the couple did not give up the Sussex Royal title. Reportedly, Prince Harry is also in touch with the royal family but it is not clear whether he is receiving financial support. They did not even reveal the total takeaway from Netflix deal.

As for the critics who were still referring to the couple as royals, it was well reported that when Harry and Meghan left their royal duties, they automatically dropped the HRH title.

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