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How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Quick And Easy Method

Magic Mushrooms belong to the family of Psilocybe cubensis. These Mushrooms are really easy to grow under controlled circumstances. For this, you just need to get a proper method of growing them. And, here you will get to know how to grow magic mushrooms at home. This way you will totally be free from buying your favorite food from the superstores as you will be able to grow your own mushroom in the home.

How To Grow Magic Mushrooms, Quick and Easy Method

For growing magic Mushrooms you need following ingredients

Substrate Kit

Either get the readymade substrate kit or you can make your own substrate kit. It is the material on which the magic mushrooms will get attached after growth.

Home-made Substrate

All you need to create a substrate is :

  • Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Spring water
  • Flax Seed
  • Millet
  • Vermiculite
  • 1/2 wide mouth canning jars
  • Pressure Canner
  • Cooking Pot
  • Coffee Grinder

Now we will show you steps of how to grow mushrooms with a homemade substrate.

1. Add long grain wide rice to the cooking pot, add quinoa in the pot, and then add water. Turn on the stove to a high temperature after covering your pot and then wait until it boils. Let the pot to heat at the low temperature on the stove. Till the material is cooking mix the millet and flax in a coffee grinder. Make sure that grains are not burning and keep a check in your pot as well. Now add the vermiculite and the mixture of millet and flax, mix it with the vermiculite.

2. After 20 minutes turn off the heat and now mix the grains with the vermiculite, millet and flax mixture. Then mix this all material first with a chopstick then with a fork. Make sure the material is light and fluffy. Now cover it with cloth and let it cool down for sometime. After cooling it down take a spoon and fill the jars. Do not close the jar, and fill the substrate by leaving some space for vermiculite, and fill that space with vermiculite. Now fill the jar with the lid and repeat the process in various jars till the substrate ends.

3. After you are done grab a hammer and the nail, make two holes with the nails on each jar. The whole should be larger than an inch. Cover these jars with tine foil after doing holes in the lids of these jars. Now put them in a pressure canner and fill the canner with minimum water put stove to high and close the canner with lid. Set your timer for 35 mins, after this time turn off the stove. Let your canner cool for sometime and after then start putting the sterilized jars into the storage container. And now the substrate is ready and this is how to grow magic mushrooms with a homemade substrate.

Read Made Substrate

If you are using a readymade substrate fill your substrate container with cold water and leave for one day so that both can get merged properly. This process will tell you how to grow magic mushrooms with the ready-made substrate.

Now after draining the water use a plastic bag for covering the container and with the help of Paper Clips make it airtight.

On the third day, you will be able to see the spots of fungi. And till 8 days this process of white fungi patches will continue to show

After day 17 the mushrooms will start to appear. you need to give mushrooms more room to grow.

After 20 days remove the bag and bring the mushrooms out of it. This is how to grow the magic mushrooms at home!


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