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Expensive McDonald’s Burger or Cheap Street Burger?

Few years back McDonald’s rebranded Pakistan’s famous Anday burger (Egg and Kebab filled burger) and started selling it for PKR 250. This McDonald’s burger was an inspiration taken from the common streets where the small-scale vendors make and sell Anda Shami burger with a price as low as PKR 50. Folks who have tasted this street burger know the significance of the food item. They admire its taste, process of making, and serving for its more like a cultural ingredient than merely being an eatable. However, McDonald’s version of this Pakistani street burger which is more famous among the commoners also became equally popular among those who love to eat at the famous food outlet.

People even criticized McDonald’s for stealing the popular street food and selling it for a higher price. HoursTV reached out to youngsters on a university campus in Lahore and questioned them about their preferences.

McDonald’s Burger Vs Street Burger 

Street’s Anda Shami burger is quite famous in Pakistan. Foodies who want to pay lessor money for such delicacies can get it with only 60 to 70 Rs. This street food item is more popular among youngsters who want more for less in a bid to satiate their taste buds. Also, this burger is more accessible since vendors sell it outside university campuses, in busy markets, in food streets, and also on roadsides.

Conversely, McDonald’s burger is a fancy, indoor, and comparatively, expensive item to eat. The difference is that the customers would sit in a fine atmosphere and have the Anda Shaami burger with a dipping sauce and fries. Whereas, the street vendor while offering the same or even better taste (as opined by respondents) may make with unclean hands, but that doesn’t seem to matter for those who get delicious food on a budget.

McDonald’s Anda Shami Can’t Reach The Standards of Street Burger

The majority among the public sided with the Street level Shami burger while responding to the HoursTv team’s questions about their preferences. Some opined that there was no way McDonald’s burger could be better than the popular street one. In their view, the one that is made on a stall placed on the roadside can be considered as comfort food. The reason is the low cost with a gigantic size that could fill up the stomach quickly. Although, the restaurant one was just overrated and it was only gaining popularity because of some brand-conscious people. 

A few gave the hypothetical demonstration of how the street burger was much better. When the upper bun is already finished and the eater is left with the lower bun with every ingredient attached, it tastes much more delicious. The last bite always gives a sheer satisfaction, which McDonald’s has failed to provide.  As per youngsters, despite charging higher prices the international fast food brand has been unable to achieve the standards of a street burger. Also, it can never match the taste no matter what since the sauces used in Anda Shami from the streets are homemade. 

Lastly, some people couldn’t digest the idea of spending Rs250 on an Anday Wala burger that they can have for only Rs 60. 

McDonald’s Offeres Hygiene And Taste 

The discussion over McDonald’s Burger and the Street’s famous dish, ‘Anday Wala burger’ is a matter of public preferences. Where several chose cart food over the Restaurant’s, few also preferred the hygiene in the shape of McDonald’s burger. They didn’t find paying Rs250 troublesome for just a regular item. Instead, they fixated on how the proper means of making eatable matters the most. They didn’t believe in crazy facts about food made on the streets but they favored the better dine-in experience and cleanliness.

Seemingly, some youngsters don’t like the way they make the burgers on the streets. For them, the sellers and makers don’t care about SOPs like cleaning their hands. For them, the food is also not healthy due to the flies and insects having a picnic all over the stalls. Contrary to this, there is also an opinion that one doesn’t know what happens in McDonald’s kitchen but one surely can witness the street seller preparing the burger. Therefore, the street burger still wins as the buyer has still an option to go for a healthy as well as a cheap alternative while buying from the stall.

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