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How to Train a German Shepherd Dog?

The German Shepherd dog is a friendly breed to have around family and kids. The German Shepherd training starts at an early age for better results. However, training German Shepherd puppies is a task that needs patience and hard work.

This breed of dog is known to respect the owner and offer unconditional love. It is very possessive about its owner and does not hesitate to tackle any threat.

Some Reasons for Training a German Shepherd Dog

Here are some fun facts to know before you select this breed to protect your friends and family members.

  • It is high on energy and a very playful dog breed.
  • It offers unquestionable loyalty towards its owners.
  • Many of the law enforcement agencies rely on this dog to provide security.
  • It makes for an excellent companion.
  • You need to give them a proper diet, and they will have fewer health problems.
  • German Shepherd dogs love children. You need to provide them training for socializing with kids.

How to Train a German Shepherd Dog?Step by Step German shepherd training

Let us look at step by step training of the German Shepherd dog.

Step 1:

Make sure that you are not training an adult dog. Instead, choose a put not above eight weeks old. Before the training, it is important to socialize your dog and introduce to the family members.

Step 2:

Make sure to start gently touching the ears, paws, and tail of the puppy. Try to create a personal rapport with the animal.

Step 3:

Start by training the dog for basic commands. Some of the basic commands like stay, sit, and heel. You need to have patience as the dog will need some time to understand your commands.

Step 4:

It is important that you incentivize your German Shepherd dog. The common ways of rewarding your pup include praise, patting on the back, and food treats. You can look for the best dry dog food reviews to know what treat suits your pet.

Step 5:

Make sure that you make your puppy learn basic food eating manners. Identify food bowl aggression and teach it that people around it are not a threat. No one is going to take the food away when it is eating.

Step 6:

Try to use the feeding time as a training opportunity. You can use the food to give rewards to your puppy for following basic commands.

Step 7:

Do not yell at your pup for not getting any commands or not responding. You need to understand and resolve it.

Step 8:

In the last step, enroll your German Shepherd puppy into an obedience call to take its training to a whole new level.

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