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Largest Animal In the World Ever Recorded?

Nature never fails to assume human beings with its wonders. And, one such wonder of nature is the Blue Whale, the largest animal in the world.

For many Blue Whale as the largest animal ever recorded in the world, might come as shock- particularly for those who are fans of science fiction movies like Jurassic Park. Those audience may find it difficult to accept anything other than dinosaurs as the mammoth animal in the world.

Here are few amazing facts that make Blue Whale so distinct in this world.

Blue Whale As the Largest Animal in World

The largest Blue Whale recorded ever was 111 feet long, this equals three school buses standing together end to end. Well, this astonishing marine animal even leaves the amazing facts about dolphins behind due to its lifestyle, which is obviously due to its giant size.

What Does Blue Whale Eat?

The animal can eat even tiny marine creatures like shrimps. According to available research, blue whale eats almost 36000 kg or 40 million krill in one day. Well, the ocean where this largest animal resides must have got huge supply of food to nourish the whale.

According to estimates only heart of Blue Whale weighs 600kg or equal to weight of car. Further, its tongue is as heavy as an elephant. So, those who think giraffes or elephants to be the largest animals on the world, can easily guess now who is the real winner.

These whales get their prey by diving up to 500 meters deep. But, their size doesn’t offer them enough protection against the sharks and killer whales. Hence, they fall victim to these fellow marine animals. These whales also get killed due to ships sailing in the oceans. According to estimates, every year at least one such whale gets killed by coming in contact with ships.

Other Interesting Facts about Blue Whales

  1. One should note that blue whales which are the largest animal in the world are a mammal and not a fish.
  2. The female blue whale breeds once in three years and undergoes a gestation period 11 to 12 months. It is the largest animal in the world but its gestation period is less than that of elephant’s.
  3. A baby blue whale suckles 600 litres of milk each days and gains upto 95 kilogram in one day.
  4. The baby born to the world’s largest animal ranges 8 meters in size.
  5. The mammal has moustache like long bristle that help it filter out the plankton from the sea for food.
  6. Apart from being the largest animal, these mammals are also the loudest animal in the world
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