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Saudi Princess Found Guilty of Ordering an Assault on French Craftsman

A Saudi Princess Hassa bint Salman, the sister of crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman, was found guilty of ordering an assault on a French craftsman working in her apartment in 2016 after she felt he took her picture.

The Saudi Princess Ordered Bodyguard to Beat Labour

According to the complaint filed by the Ashraf Eid, an Egyptian-born French national craftsman the princess ordered bodyguard Rani Saudi to assault him and take away his phone as she felt he had taken a photo or made a video of her. After princess order, her bodyguard kicked Eid in his face and then tied his wrist together. He then ordered him to kiss the princess’s feet or risk a further beating. The French national was later released after which he went to the police and launched a complaint against her

The Police Questioned Her And Let Her Go

Upon receiving the complaint, the police questioned the Princess for two hours and then set her free three days after the incident; the princess left the country. During the course of the investigation, repeated attempts were made in order to get into contact with the princess, but they all failed.

Then out of pure frustration, an international arrest warrant was issued against the Saudi Princess after which her legal representation appeared in court along with her bodyguard Rabi. While addressing the court Emmanuel Moyne, Hussa’s Lawyer explained to the judge that under Saudi law princesses were barred from taking any picture or videos that is why he was treated in such a harsh manner but refused any kind of mistreatment

the Princess Was Guilty

In a sentencing court hearing on Thursday, the judge found the princess and her bodyguard guilty. The judge fined the princess €10,000 ($11,000) and a 10-month suspension sentence while her bodyguard was handed an eight-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay  €5,000 ($5,600) in fine.

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