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Yorkshire terrier Puppies | Teacup Yorkie Puppies

Yorkshire terrier puppies are one of the fanciest breeds of animals; the pets that owners can’t resist taking to the fashion shows.  A shiny coat, a pink colored topknot, and playful attitude are the traits that make the Yorkie puppies rock the ramp.

Apart from being a fashion model, Yorkshire terrier puppies are the perfect pets to befriend. Owners don’t have to go the extra mile for developing an attachment with this ready to cuddle creature.

Here are the few must know about facts about Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for those who are looking to pet them.

Yorkshire terrier Puppies | Adapting to the Families

Novice owners who don’t find it easy to get along with dogs can consider adopting Yorkshire Terrier Puppies. The teacup Yorkie puppies are prominent dog breeds in the world as they love to socialize and remain active indoors. They can quickly adjust to large families that have children. But, those who have kids younger than five to six years old should not pet these puppies. A Yorkshire terrier puppy often ranges in size from eight inches to nine inches. He weighs only four to six pounds. Younger kids who usually don’t know how to handle these puppies might end up injuring them.

Yorkshire terriers can also adjust to the apartments for being small in size. So, there is no need to pay attention on home grooming for pets.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Sensitiveness of Yorkshire terrier Puppies

Yorkshire terrier puppies show an affectionate behavior with families. But, at the same times, they are very demanding for being highly sensitive. These dogs can easily catch effect of too hot or too chilly weather. Further, they are not much friendly towards the strangers and younger kids. Well, not being intimate with non-family members is not such an issue, as it is easy to overcome it with proper training. Initially, a Yorkshire terrier puppy, responds to every sound by barking and howling. Later, he changes this attitude with a house training.

Teacup Yorkie Puppies | Ability to Learn New Things

In-house grooming of the dogs also depends upon their intelligence level and their knowledge of adapting to the environment. Yorkshire terrier puppies are an intelligent breed. They are said to be descendants of Clydesdale terriers who used to pick out the rats from mines. The Yorkies are easy to train with bait and reward system.

Food Requirements for Yorkshire terrier Puppies

Eating requirements of Yorkshire terrier Puppies depend upon the factors like age, size and metabolic activities. Usually, teacup Yorkie puppies require the ½ or ¼ cups of dry food or standard dog food twice a day. The need can vary depending on the activities of the dog.

Apart from few precautions regarding grooming and taking care of the health, Yorkshire terrier puppies make a perfect pet choice.

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