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Hulu Ad Campaigns Are Not an Option For the Democratic Candidates 

Hulu is among the paid streaming platforms that runs ads but its rigid towards accommodating the democratic candidates who require its assistance. Apparently, the democrats want to add adverts based on guns, abortion and climate change. However, the streaming platform is not in a mood to show sensitive content while streaming. Thus, no Hulu ad campaigns for the democratic candidates has become a root-cause for tussle between these two parties. Disney which is the majority owner of Hulu is not taking the heat too due to the current circumstances. 

Democrats Banned To Purchase Hulu Ad Campaigns 

Reportedly, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Democratic Governors Association tried to buy adverts on multiple platforms including Ruku, sports network ESPN, the local ABC affiliates, and Disney owned properties along with Hulu. The groups were reportedly running ads on guns, abortion, and climate change on various social media and video platforms including Facebook and YouTube. However, only Hulu ad campaigns were not down to entertain the entities.   

Why is Hulu not Taking Democrats Seriously?

Previously, the democratic groups tried approaching Hulu several times but did not get a response at all. Later, the company responded with an ad acceptance email. However, the platform contacted the groups shortly and turned them down by stating that the email was sent in error. 

Disney supported Hulu’s rigidness towards the democrats. The explanation for no Hulu ad campaigns for the groups was that the company couldn’t entertain political agendas and certainly couldn’t run political ads on central themes of Democratic midterm campaigns. Also, the streaming giant has a policy against controversial content. 

Hulu Offended the Democrats 

Multiple countries have been shedding light on issues like abortion rights or violence in their state, and take help of social media, web media, streaming platforms and other mediums that can help highlight the problems. The political committees have  been trying to convince Hulu to provide them the means of communication with the youth. However, the platform is denying them with a straight face as it can’t mold its own rules and regulations for anyone. 

The executive directors of the three committees, Tim Persico, Christie Roberts, and Noam Lee stated that the censorship of Hulu ad campaigns are offensive and outrageous. They said that this reluctance is leading the country to a dangerous path. Also, since Hulu has young followers, it is depriving them of knowing about MAGA Republicans agenda on issues like abortion. And the streaming platform is simply keeping the young generation away from the truth about GOP record. This way, such problems will not be openly discussed for the betterment. 

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