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India Detained Kashmiri Youth for Wearing Pakistani Uniform

India detained Kashmiri youth for wearing the Pakistan Cricket Team’s official uniform at a match in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday.

The reason why Indian detained Kashmiri youth was because they were wearing Pakistani team’s jersey and playing Pakistan’s national anthem.

The Kashmir Media Service posted a video clip of Kashmiri Youth in green Pakistan Cricket team uniforms when they were about to start a match on 2nd April at Wayil playfield in Ganderbal. The match coincided with PM Narendra Modi’s inauguration of the Chenani-Nashri tunnel.

India detained Kashmiri Youth who were participating in the match. The locals are demanding the release of the Kashmiri youth detained by the Indian authorities.

India Detained Kashmiri Youth out of Desperation

It is not the first time India detained Kashmiri youth without any charge. Thousands of Kashmiris have lost their lives while struggling to get independence.

Ever since BJP came to power, it took a harder stance against the Muslims as well as the Kashmiri youth trying to get independence from India.

The year 2016 was one of the bloodiest in the recent history. It all started when the Indian Army killed one of the Kashmiri freedom fighters named Burhan Wani.

More than 100 innocent Kashmiris lost their lives during the Indian oppression against the youth. Indian soldiers did not stop at just killing the young people; it also used supposedly non-lethal pellet ammunition which blinded hundreds of Kashmiri civilians.

Some reports suggest that India’s recent aggression in Kashmir has resulted in injuring more than 17000 adults and children. Around five thousand people were arrested by the Indian authorities in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

After all the unrest, in September, the Uri attack came along with some jihadi elements from the occupied Kashmir raiding the Indian army camp. India, as usual, was quick to blame Pakistan for the attack. The Uri attacked claimed lives of 19 Indian soldiers.

In response to the so-called Uri attack, India claimed to have carried out surgical strikes inside Pakistan to destroy the jihadis launching pads in Azad Kashmir.

However, the West has turned a blind eye towards the Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir. The so-called leaders of the free world, champions of democracy, and protectors of the human rights do not see anything wrong with the way India treats people in Kashmir. They have not even raised their voices against India’s state aggression towards its Muslim population.

Pakistan must keep on raising its voice against the Indian atrocities in the occupied Kashmir.

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