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Is There Going to Be A Ban on PUBG in Pakistan

Once again Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become a topic of discussion in Pakistan and many questions are being raised about its fate in the country. The game is undoubtedly a hyped and widely played title across the globe. However, there are mixed thoughts regarding the game being violently impactful upon the teenagers in Pakistan. Reportedly, a petition was recently put before the Lahore high court requesting to put a ban on PUBG in Pakistan. The case targeted Pakistan’s federal government and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) as respondents. As per reports, the base of the lawsuit was that game has been spoiling the teenagers’ minds. They are becoming aggressive and hence indulging in criminal activities. On the contrary, the court denied the request.

Petition to Impose Ban on PUBG to Stop Violence

PUBG is currently unbanned in Pakistan and gamers are all over it. They have been enjoying their favourite game. Contradicting that, a case involving a teenager who murdered his entire family was associated with the addiction to play PUBG. Police suspected that the boy used to play the game that made him aggressive and thus he killed the family member over a quarrel. The case anyhow became a factor to support the petition to put a ban on PUBG in Pakistan. 

Blaming the game was easy due to its reputation in the country but there was another side of the story. Reportedly, the boy was a drug addict as he used to consume methamphetamine aka ICE which was allegedly the most likely reason behind the heinous incident.

Status of Ban on PUBG Petition in Lahore High Court

Lahore High decided not to consider a ban on PUBG in Pakistan. Also, the lawyer representing the case didn’t show up. Hence due to the absence of the attorney, the court had to adjourn the case. Reportedly, the court has also been uncertain about banning the game that is being played massively in the country.

The Fate of PUBG Remains a Question

The fate of PUBG in many countries other than Pakistan is a mystery since the game has seen many ups and downs. It has been banned in several states across the globe as well including Pakistan. The petition to put a ban on PUBG in Pak is not the only thing the game is facing trouble for. A few days earlier, PUBG mobile filed a lawsuit against Tech Giants and Free Fire based on steeling its concepts and intra-game elements.

Players who are much addicted to PUBG have other means to play it even if it gets banned in their region. The players have found VPN and several other proxy sites to stay connected to the title.

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