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PUBG Mobile Starts a Legal Dispute with Tech Giants and Free Fire

On Monday, the developer of PUBG mobile and PC game filed a lawsuit against two tech giants, Apple and Google, and targeted its rival Garena, the maker of Free Fire for becoming the reason behind the legal dispute. As per the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)’s maker, Free Fire stole some of its features and the giants continued to distribute the game on their official stores.

Both games are widely popular and considered to be the biggest rivals since their gaming pattern, concept, and features are similar. Apparently, this time, Krafton took it to a legal platform; the US-based Lawsuit since it doesn’t appreciate seeing the clone version of the battlegrounds running in the name of Free Fire on gamers’ gaming devices.

PUBG Mobile Game’s Allegations

The PUBG mobile game filed a complaint against Garena, YouTube, Google, Apple, and Sea Limited for copyright infringement. The entire lawsuit consisted of 108 pages conveying that Garena stole the features of PUBG that is an advanced game for high-profile consoles including PlayStation, Xbox, PCs, and Mobiles. According to Krafton, Free Fire’s updated version carries some of the elements which are solely PUBG’s as it has the copyrights of those particular elements.

Reportedly, the aspects involved the pattern of the game, specific items like the weapons, equipment, “airdrop” feature, color schemes, and the map locations. Also, the company wants to have a courtroom trial to resolve the issue. Other than that, the PUBG developer has pointed towards the tech giants and claimed that Google and Apple for allowing people to download the games from their app stores. It accused YouTube to upload and let viewers watch the gameplays of the allegedly cloned games. Krafton alleged that Google and Apple earned millions of dollars by distributing the games and Garena also generated Hundreds of millions of dollars via selling the apps.

Garena Refused Krafton’s Requests

Reportedly, the creator of the PUBG mobile and console game personally requested Free Fire’s parent company to discontinue the alleged exploitation of Free Fire and Free Fire max since the features are copied but Garena refused to consider the request. Then the accuser turned to Google and Apple in order to request to stop the distribution. And lastly, YouTube was advised to remove the gameplays videos but none of the companies responded positively. However, Garena later stated that Krafton’s claims were nothing but groundless suppositions.

Free Fire VS PUBG

PUBG has been scoring good money since its arrival. Sooner, its rival came into the market and gained an equivalent reputation. The Free Fire vs PUBG battle turned out to be an entertainment package for the gamers due to the constant updates and innovations in the games which made them more fun for the players. As per the analytics firm Sensor Tower, Garena’s masterpiece earned 1.1 billion dollars whereas PUBG earned $2.9 billion in 2021. Gamers are suggesting that Free Fire is catching up with its rival quickly. According to analytics, the other versions of the Players Unknown Battle Field including, PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile lite, Indian, and China versions collectively earned $639 million. Free Fire’s various versions, on the other hand, earned $414 million the previous year. The netizens expressed that the gap wasn’t much but Garena is picking up the pace and might beat its predecessor in terms of fan following and revenue.

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