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UK Labour Party Pledges Free Broadband And People Say Hurrah

Opposition party leader Jeremy Corbin while talking to his supporters pledged that the labour party tends to introduce free broadband to all of the UK, thereby providing millions of people with safe and affordable WIFI.

Free Broadband Is Important

In today’s date and time, the need for fast, reliable internet has grown exponentially. A majority of the world’s business is done online. Various governments around the world in order to grow and increase their business sector have started subsidizing internet facilities for various companies.

While some governments target only the business sector, others have started rolling out plans to provide the free band to the general public, thereby helping the overall growth and development of various societies. Like them, the Labor party leader Jeremy Corbin as part of its manifesto, has pledged if it wins the upcoming December election.

While explaining how his party tends to achieve his goal said the Labour government would nationalize certain parts of the British Telecom company. New taxes will be introduced on silicon giants like Apple and Facebook within acceptable margins to help sustain the free WIFI system.” Labour plans to invest 20 billion pounds to make this happen. It will cost the government an estimated total of 230 million pounds per annum

Labour MP Johan McDonald When Questioned Regarding Labors Plans Had This To Say

Others, while criticizing labors decision, are questioning the validity of the so-called bold plan. By nationalizing certain parts of BT, you may bring about its downfall, causing further havoc.

So What Next

Some people, while criticizing the plan, questioned what the next thing Labour would hand out freely.

As a result of all the Brexit commotion, the NHS suffered greatly. If Labour pumps money into such projects, how will they fund the NHS?

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