Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Modi Pledges To Annul Indus Water Treaty

Modi, eyeing to win the next elections, while speaking to a political rally in Punjab said that he would annul the Indus Water Treaty.

So far Modi’s alliance in Indian Punjab with Sikh Akali Dal is not fairing along well, as suggested by the recent opinion polls.

Modi’s Praise of the Indian Punjabis

Modi tried to woo the crowd by coming up big with his praise for the location population, saying.

“This is the land of bravery, courage, one that has given great leaders and visionaries. This is the land of sacrifice: warriors’ blood and farmers’ sweat.”

Mr. Modi also elaborated on his government’s step which he claimed had helped the Punjabi farmers. He said that his government helped and honored the Punjabi farmers. He said that due to his government’s policies the local farmers benefitted a lot, ending their sufferings and giving to them their due fair of urea fertilizer.

Modi on Indus Water Treaty

Modi gave hope to the Punjabi farmers that his government would end their water shortage

He also gave hope to the Punjabi farmers that his government would end their water shortage woes by annulling the Indus Water Treaty, saying,

“The farmers of Punjab need not worry about water anymore. We have decided to route the water from the Indus, which currently flows into Pakistan, who do not have the right over this, to the farmers of Punjab, who rightfully deserve it. Punjab’s farmers, India’s farmers will get water from India’s rivers. Punjab is also the land of the brave. So many of you have served or have family in the armed forces.”

Modi’s Coveted Threat to Pakistan

While addressing the Punjabi Janta, he also explained how India needed to teach Pakistan in a tit-for-tat manner.

“We used to only get news of martyrdom. For how long will we let others do harm to us. Should we not give them a befitting reply? Make them pay for their wrongdoing. Terrorism will not be tolerated anymore. A large number of soldiers in the Indian Army come from Punjab.”

Is the “Indus Water Treaty” threat Real?

India may claim to be actually denouncing the “Indus Water Treaty” but it is easier said than done.

  • First, India would have to build a reservoir upstream river Indus, which is time taking and a daunting task requiring massive infrastructural investments.
  • Second, India is also feeling threatened by China blocking the Brahmaputra River which can cause serious problems for its population.
  • Third, with half of the Punjab’s population with Pakistan and Sikh’s travelling each year for pilgrim, India cannot afford to create a long-term diplomatic row with Pakistan.
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