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Shahid Afridi Asks for More Motorway Speed Limit after Getting Fined

Former Pakistani cricket player and team captain Shahid Afridi has been fined for overspeeding on the motorway. While travelling from Lahore to Karachi, highway police found him violating the motorway speed limit set at 120 KMPH or 74.5 MPH. As per the details shared on social media, the ex-cricketer paid 1500 PKR in fine and took selfies with the police officers. Lala also shared his thoughts on social media about increasing the maximum speed limit on highways.

Suggestion to Increase Motorway Speed Limit

Afridi praised the police department and called them professionals for treating him with kindness. He paid the fine but also gave his “humble” suggestion to increase the motorway speed limit. The pictures of Afridi with smiley cops went viral on social media.

Lala’s Bowling is Faster than Motorway

Different kinds of people reacted differently to what Afridi said about increasing the motorway speed limit. Many Pakistanis commented on Afridi’s tweet to have fun with the national hero. Many laughed at how Lala disregarded the sign boards on the highway and kept going fast. They advised him to at least slow down the car when approaching a camera so the fine can be avoided. On the other hand, some opined that the cops only detained Afridi to take photos with him and the violation was probably an excuse. Some also recalled how Afridi used to bowl at 145 KMPH or 90 MPH speed and wondered if Afridi wanted the same limit on the motorway as well.

The Situation of Vehicles in Pakistan

While increasing the speed limit is an intuitive idea, it’s not really helpful for a lot of Pakistanis who don’t have a car, let alone a car that barely goes above 100 KMPH. Social media users trolled Afridi for talking like only the rich use the motorway. Lower-class people also use the highways and they do not have luxurious cars like celebrities. Lala has an SUV with safety features and can go really fast. However, the economical cars that most people can afford do not have safety features like Airbags, Antilock Brakes, Collision Warnings, and Brake Assist. According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 30,000 people die in road accidents every year in Pakistan.

Shahid Afridi has retired from international cricket but still remains in the news for various reasons. The last time Pakistanis trolled him this heavily was when he shared his thoughts about becoming the next Prime Minister.

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