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What People Think of Shahid Afridi As Prime Minister of Pakistan

Following in the footsteps of Imran Khan, ex-cricketer Shahid Afridi is also coming forward as the next potential Prime Minister. Recently he visited Azad Kashmir in a hope to include the team of Kashmir in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

He used his influence to convey this message to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and even expressed his desire to play for that team.

Shahid Afridi Wants To Be The Prime Minister of Pakistan

Upon being praised as a goodwill ambassador, he took it up a notch and claimed that he would end unemployment if he became Prime Minister of Pakistan. At one point he was shown as helping people in need, out of compassion (which is more important than politics) and on the other hand he is being established as the leader of the nation.

It could be either a joke or the people have officially lost their minds in wanting to make another legendary sportsman, a victim of politicization. Recently, he condemned Indian Prime Minister Modi for continued assault on Kashmir but the former Indian cricketers seemed more responsive than the PM.

Now, Pakistani people were also revolted by Afridiโ€™s comments on becoming PM of Pakistan and here’s why Afridi cannot be an effective Prime Minister in Pakistan.

Afridiโ€™s Optimism is Overloaded

Many people found this distasteful. Afridi claiming to end unemployment is not only unrealistic but it is childish. A person working for more than 20 years is not able to succeed in this politics so what makes Shahid Afridi that special?

Inefficient Political Project

One user mentioned that Afridi is being groomed in the same way Khan was. Khan was not a right choice for PM which can be seen from the current situation of economy and politics. Similarly, Afridi is also not a political figure. Politics is a ring of fire where only devils can play and collect their livelihood. People like Khan and Afridi are better off if they only stick to cricket and social work.

Forcing Leadership Down The Throats Since Beginning

One user nods to the invisible powers who are making silly decisions in Pakistani politics for more than 70 years. He begs them to stop interfering and further complicating the politics.

Only Handsome Prime Ministers Allowed In Pakistan

Ex-wife of PM Imran Khan and journalist suggests if people want to base political credibility on good looks then the selectors should turn their attention towards Chris Hemsworth (Thor) from Hollywood.

Afridi Also Did Not Win World Cup For Pakistan

One user reminded him that unlike Khan, he failed to win a world cup for Pakistani team in his tenure as a Captain. He went on to burst his bubble that it is impossible that Shahid Afridi becomes Prime Minister legitimately.

Why Pakistanis Don’t Deserve Genuine Leaders

According to the given situation of politics, most people have lost hope for it ever getting any better. It will only get worse and whatever face will be made the next Prime Minister will be just that…a face

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