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Indian Cricketers Are Hit Hard by Shahid Afridi’s Stance on Kashmir

Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi recently visited Kashmir where he made remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s occupation of Kashmir; something that irked Indian cricketers.

Shahid Afridi was dressed in camouflage shirt during ration distribution in Kashmir. He criticized PM Modi for deploying a huge army in Kashmir and also called him a bigger disease than coronavirus.

He added that PM Modi should have realized that Pakistan’s 7 Lac military was backed by Pakistani 22 Corer public. He also remarked that Pakistan was a peace-loving country that even offered tea to Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

He also criticized Prime Minister Modi’s government for the abrogation of Article 370 that ended the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir

Indian Cricketers Slammed Shahid Afridi for Calling Out Modi Govt’s Atrocities in Kashmir     

Video of Shahid Afridi that went viral on social media brought an outrage. Many Indian cricketers jumped to slam Shahid Afridi for they considered that his comments were disrespecting Prime Minister Modi.

Harbhajan Singh

Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh who earlier faced severe backlash on supporting Shahid Afridi’s foundation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic announced to not keep any relation with the Pakistani cricketers.

He opined that Afridi’s comments were unacceptable while adding that he should have stayed within his limits.

Harbhajan also clarified that earlier Afridi had asked him to make an appeal for his charity and he did so in good faith and as a humanitarian gesture because of people suffering due to COVID-19. He also added that he had nothing to do with Shahid Afridi from now on and NEVER AGAIN.

Shikhar Dhawan              

It seems that so many Indian cricketers couldn’t tolerate Afridi’s opinion on Kashmir as it was something based on reality. Shikhar Dhawan also came forward and criticized  Shahid Afridi for his comments on the status f citizens in Indian occupied Kashmir due to discriminatory policies of the Modi government.

Shikhar Dhawan took Twitter and made it clear to Afridi that Kashmir was, is, and will always remain a part of India. He also called out Afridi for talking about Kashmir when the entire world was fighting against the pandemic. It seems that Shikhar has no idea how India’s ruling party was provoking Islamophobia and holding Muslims responsible for COVID 19 when the entire world was fighting it.

Yuvraj Singh

Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh also felt disappointed on the recent comment by Shahid Afridi and stated that one of the  responsible Indian cricketers who have played for the country, he will never accept such words

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh along with Harbhajan Singh had also received criticism for making donation appeal for Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) to help Pakistan’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He stated that he made an appeal on Afridi’s behalf for the sake of humanity. He also pledged never again to support Shahid Afridi again.

Gautam Gambhir

It was inevitable fr Gautam to not come forward for rebuttal of Shahid Afridi just like his fellow Indian cricketers. The former cricketer and Member of the Lok Sabha Gautam Gambhir stated hat Pakistani wouldn’t get Kashmir till judgment day.  Along with Afridi he also criticized Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Shahid afridi has shown the desire to make cricket Team of Kashmir in the next edition of Pakistan Super league (PSL) Speaking in ration distribution ceremony in Azad and Jammu Kashmir’sdistrict Bagh. 

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