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Sex Dolls Replace Spectators at South Korean Football Stadium

K-League is the first major football league to start the games since the beginning of the pandemic. During the season’s opening game on 17th May, millions of football fans were starving for some live action at home. Little did they know that pandemic would cause sex dolls to replace spectators at a football stadium now.

As the matches were being played behind closed doors, FC Seoul decided to fill up the stands with fashion mannequins that could represent the live crowd. Unfortunately, they ended up displaying sex dolls which serve an entirely different purpose than the wanted mannequins.

Sex Dolls Replace Spectators Instead Of Fashion Mannequins

According to reports, FC Seoul ordered life-size mannequins including 5 male and 20 female specimens. As expected, fans on social media immediately noticed that something was amiss. The ordered mannequins were dressed in official kit and were holding signs that advertised adult streaming websites.

They were also designed to look like popular adult streamers that can be easily recognized by an avid fan of this particular genre.

FC Seoul Apologizes For Hurting The Sentiments Of Many

FC Seoul apologized after it was discovered that it was not mannequins but sex dolls which replaced spectators. They released a statement on Instagram to express how deeply sorry they feel to have inadvertently caused this outrage.

They also clarified that these dolls may have been designed to look like adult streamers but they are not for sexual use, according to the manufacturer.

How Did The Incident Happen?

They received the sex dolls via a supplier who claimed they dress mannequins. FC Seoul claimed that they double-checked the dummies and made sure that they were not for sexual purposes. However before the actual delivery, the dolls had just returned from another client which was a streamer management firm. This is why the dolls were displaying the names and banners of actual streamers which might have been done for promotional purposes before. FC Seoul had admitted their fault in not being able to check this detail. Other than that, they believe the dolls have no other connection with the streamers.

Many other top clubs are inspired from this outrageous incident. They are using innovative methods to promote events and matches without a live crowd such as toy versions of club mascots and hand-drawn self-portraits by younger fans.

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