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KFC Australia Apologizes for Airing Sexist Ad after Facing Backlash

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC Australia is facing the music for airing a sexist commercial promoting its product. After growing criticism for objectifying women in their ad, the famous food chain later appologized.

Why KFC Did So?

 Normally brand like KFC, Pizza Hut or McDonalds are very image conscience and try there level best to not to get associated with anything that would diminish there friendly image but like every one they too from time to time slip welcoming heat from direction.

The 15 sec ad that has landed the fast food chain in a heap of trouble shows a young girl in what can be described as a provocative ware high lighting and showing all her curves adjusting her breast using  the window reflection of a car. Suddenly the passenger side window of the parked car rolls down revealing the teenaged boy who is glaring at her, a mother who is extremely angry and a young boy who is in a state of Shock.

Now She Get In

After realizing the horrible situation she had landed herself in the girl pretends as if someone said lets go to KFC and them the promotional part of the ad roles in. The global fast foods chain after getting some heavy criticism issued a public apology and assured that such an incident will not happen in the mere future.

Public Reaction

For some this isn’t enough according to them the authorities should take strict action against the multinational fast food chain to prevent such problem from occurring in future. The reason for such criticism is that ad objectifies women and promotes indecent behavior.

While looking at the ad a person is left to wonder who in the company approved this garbage and more importantly it raises questions regarding whether the businesses are really conscious about how they depict different factions of society.

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