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Celebrities Show Support for 2020 Graduates through Video Messages

Coronavirus pandemic has turned everything upside down and one group that has been significantly impacted is of high school seniors and 2020 graduates who are going to miss an important event of their lives.

Amidst the pandemic graduating class of 2020 will miss out most awaited traditional highlighst of high school like prom and physical graduations.

It is not about higher education. Many major events like those related to sports and fashion like Met Gala 2020 have been canceled and people are missing glamour in life.

Graduation ceremonies across the America have been either postponed or canceled. In order to pay tribute to 2020 graduates a nationwide event has been arranged for the class 2020.

On Saturday a virtual graduation ceremony held that featured celebrities, athletes, and teachers who paid tribute to the class of 2020 graduates.

It seems that celebrities are not only donating for the coronavirus affected but also encouraging the different communities in a diverse way.

US Celebrities Message to 2020 Graduates

From Former US President Barack Obama to Singer Selena Gomez there are many celebrities who had messages for students to congratulate them.

A Message to 2020 Graduates from Former President Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama delivered a powerful message to high school seniors during a multimedia event to honor High School 2020 graduates.  He told that their foundation was working on to give young people skills and support that will enable them in leading communities.

Oprah Winfrey Called 2020 Graduates the Perfect Generation

American executive Oprah Winfrey gave a stirring speech to 2020 graduates and called them a perfect generation to meet the challenges posed by pandemic. She encouraged graduates that this was the time to harness their learning, their inspiration, their influence and their vote.

American Actress Awkwafina also Honored 2020 graduates

American actress Awkwafina was also among the celebrities who honored 2020 graduates. She shared her own experience and advised them to keep moving.

Chris Paul Gave Message of being Present in Everything They Do

American basketball player Chris Paul congratulated the 2020 graduates and wished them best. He stated that everyday struggle was meant to give them encouragement to achieve things.

Cardi B Tips for Conquering the Next Steps in Life

Cardi B famous for her bold moves made a virtual appearance at a graduation ceremony titled #Graduation2020. She first congratulated all the graduates from the class of 2020 and asked them to not let the coronavirus spoil their big day. She realized the hard work of graduate students and recalled her own high school days. She advised that this was the time to show their skills and asked them to pick a class that will benefit them one-day.

 Matthew McConaughey Spread Encouragement and Inspiration

American actor Matthew McConaughey congratulated the graduates and advised them to not feel bad, at least they were originals. He asked them to not  be upset about virtual graduation as they will be the probably only one so enjoy that.

Selena Gomez Congratulates the Class of 2020 Graduates

Selena Gomez made a virtual appearance at a star studded graduation ceremony titled #Graduation2020. She gave the message of hope and encouragement by saying Go ahead and do it. She added that life was a journey to find your direction or your passion.

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