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Cardi B’s Paris Fashion Week Has Stunned Everyone

Paris Fashion Week is making waves on social media with models wearing patterns and prints which are going to influence what could be in the wardrobes of fashionista for this fall season. While models from all over the world are stunning the audience with their dazzling looks, the US rapper Cardi B is up to introduce something which is beyond comprehensible.

From her arrival in Paris to photo shoot at Eifel Tower the singer’s look has made folks raise eyebrows.

Cardi B’s Dress in Paris Fashion Week

On the eve of Paris Fashion Week, Cardi B perfectly pulled a Cardi B but viewers couldn’t fathom what this look actually meant. The singer posted a picture on Instagram in which she was seen wearing a blue-green coloured dress with floral prints. Astonishingly, hailing such styles in fall fashion shows is not a norm and people are really wondering what the designer is looking to mainstream.

She was wearing designer Richard Quinn’s dress. She is yet to walk the more shows from the event.

What Does Her Look Even Mean

It was not just about her floral print of her dress but the fact that she was covered from head to toe; a look which was indeed not so easy to decode. Consequently, it was simply giving way to questions.

Paris, the city of fashion and romance has remained in news not only for yellow vest protests but also for the ban on burqa or veil. Now, people are wondering why Muslim women are not allowed to cover their face but a model is allowed to.

So it was her covered face look making people turn their heads around.

Her look has instantly gone not only viral but also controversial.

May be, she was not endorsing a design for the fall season but just giving folks the new Halloween costume idea.

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