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Nanotechnology and the Bright Future it Holds for Humans

We are living in the 21st century and technology has affected our way of lives and has changed over manual based machines into programmed machines. Technology has progressed to a level where a dead individual can walk utilizing automated legs. Vehicles manufactured to drive on streets would now be able to fly. There are noticeable high-tech advancements in finding new and renewable sources of producing energy from sun, wind, and water.  Heavyweight machines are transformed into their lighter versions.

It is the time of nanotechnology, where scientists and engineers are cooperating for making Nano measured robots and machines. You guys must be confounded by what sort of innovation it is with this peculiar name.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nano means very small or little, in units of measure it has the sense of “one billionth” (10^- 9). Nanotechnology is the branch of science & technology which deals with the control of the matter led at the nanoscale which is under 100 nanometers in size.

When was it discovered?

The American physicist, named Richard Feynman, introduced the concept in one of his address to American Physical Society in December 1959. He clarified that the way toward controlling individual particles and atoms could be created, by utilizing one arrangement of specific devices to make little one in the size of nanometers.  

The development of nanotechnology in the 1980s was led by the meeting of exploratory advances. The field was responsible for developing open mindfulness and contention in the mid-2000s, with unmistakable level-headed discussions about the two. It included its potential ramifications and with governments moving to advance and reserve investigation into nanotechnology.

Did you guys wonder what sort of benefits and changes this little technology can bring in our lives? No? Well, let’s find out its applications here.



There are numerous applications of nanotechnology in the field of medication, known as Nanomedicine. Many medicines are being infused using nanomaterials to cure infections like killing tumor cells behind cancer a leading cause of death. Better pictures and diagnosis are empowered by nanotechnology instruments too. Numerous analysts and researchers are yet working for the utilization of nanomaterials to enhance antibodies without using needles, particularly for kids.


  1. Nanotechnology is now being used as a part of batteries to make devices charge quickly.  
  2. It can likewise be utilized as a part of solar panels to change over solar energy into electric power, as it would get simpler to install
  3. A standout among the most critical subfield of energy is nanofabrication utilized as a part of outlining and assembling gadgets on the nanoscale. For example, in integrated circuits, there are billions of transistors associated together under a single chip.
  4. Nano carbon tubes are also additionally being set under research work for decreasing transmission control as compared to the high-strain wires.


Our environment is getting contaminated each day with the expanding populace and industrialization. Nanotechnology has assumed an imperative part to lessen water, air, and natural pollution,

Two Basic Applications  

  1. Numerous overwhelming and massive batteries are still containing solid metals like lead and mercury which are perilous to human health. Since scientists are taking a shot at alkaline batteries to recoup pure zinc-oxide, Nanoparticles can be used for better batteries recycling process.
  2. Researchers have additionally clarified that the utilization of silver nanoclusters as impetuses can diminish the contaminating side-effects in the making of plastic bags and expendable things.

Amazing, isn’t it?  

Talk about Nanotechnology, the eventual fate of nanotechnology is capricious. However, we can see its beautiful future too. Notwithstanding, this innovation is additionally anticipated to change the entire world into a better place for humans to live.

Author - Kashaf Asgher

Kashaf Asgher is a B.E (Electronics & Electrical) student with particular interest in writing for the upcoming technologies including nanotechnology.

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