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Some Breathtaking Scenes from New Year Fireworks Around the World

The world entered in 2019 with amazing scenes of New Year fireworks. On the midnight of December 31, megacities of the world, trade centers, and famous beaches were lit with some breathtaking firework.

Some of the Most Fantastic New Year Fireworks

From East to West and North to South, countries of the world rejoiced the new year eve with fire display at the famous public points. Be it Times Square New York, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Burj Khalifah in U.A.E, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tapie, Seoul, Pyongyang, London or Moscow, every single megacity had got some special treat for the people who were there to make the moment special.

Let’s have a look at some major New Year fireworks that welcomed 2019.

Fireworks at Sydney Harbour

Every year Sydney Harbour treats the people with a lively New Year celebration. The year 2019 was no exception.

A Lit Sky in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour lights up the sky with a beautiful display of fireworks and every time, gets listed among one of the top new year celebrations.

Yogykarta Indonesia

Indonesia that suffered some of the worst Tsunami in 2018 was also lively and vibrant on New Year’s Eve.

Pyongyong North Korea

North Korean capital had also got something more than New Year fireworks for its people.

Burj Khalifah

U.A.E becomes a tourists heaven in winters mainly because of Dubai Shopping festival that takes place in the season. But one of the perks of enjoying New Year celebrations in Dubai is that one gets to watch the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifah lit.

Fireworks at Times Square New York

Ball drop at New York’s Times Square, along with breathtaking fireworks marks one of the grandest celebrations of New Year. This year’s celebration became more special as rain was pouring down on people.

It was all about Fireworks in the world’s financial hubs.

New Year fireworks at the bank of river Thames in London are always distinguished from other places for the majestic appeal of the city. In 2019 the city roared with firecrackers and crowds cheered up, something that instilled made Sadiq Khan use a reference for his notion that London is Open even after Brexit.

While, entering the new year with some brilliant show of fireworks has become a norm, not everyone is happy with this custom, because of impact on environment and people who suffer from Asthma. But, every year people wait for the moment passionately to see how mega cities of the world get illuminated in mid of a chilly night.

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