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Real World Squid Game Offers Cash Price but No Fatal Consequences

The 2021 thriller Squid Game became one of the most popular Netflix shows around the globe. Social media and mainstream media were going crazy over the discussions about the TV series. Many started asking if there was going to be a sequel. The streaming platform recently announced that season 2, along with the real world Squid game, will be released soon. The name of the TV reality show is Squid Game: The Challenge. The social media platforms are already flooded with how the game show will portray the concept and what will happen in the show. The streaming platform has answered that the show is recruiting participants for the upcoming TV series.

Preparations for Real World Squid Game

The preparations for the real world Squid Game have already begun. Netflix is recruiting 456 players to play games on the reality show. Since the TV show is inspired by the original series, the concept of ‘play to win cash’ will be the same. 456 participants will enter and clear the game’s stages to win $4.56 million. However, only one person will win the cash, just like in the Squid Game season 1.

Trollers’ Queries

Trollers have also asked that if the show is entirely based on what people watched in the first season, participants will kill each other to take the cash home. Another question that popped on social media was how the directors would execute the games and increase people’s interest when there isn’t any thrill. The adventurous series will probably become a comedy show.

So far, neither Netflix nor the series has revealed how and what will happen in the real world Squid Game. They haven’t launched a teaser or a trailer. But chances of a small preview are good in the coming weeks.

About Squid Game Season 2

Season one of Squid Game was an absolute hit across many countries. The show’s popularity became massive and made people learn the Korean language. According to the producer of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the first season of the Squid game took 12 years to make, but only 12 days were enough to make the show Netflix’s most popular series. Given the increasing ratio of people repeatedly watching the first season and waiting for the real world Squid Game, the second season is also in line to be released.

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