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Sergio Aguero Retires From Football Due to Health Concerns

33-year-old Argentine football player Sergio Kun Aguero has announced his retirement due to a heart condition. He just joined Barcelona less than six months ago. The former Manchester City player said that he decided to retire because of his health. Sergio Aguero was taken to hospital on October 30 after experiencing discomfort in the chest during a match against Alaves. He appeared in a press conference near Camp Nou in front of a small crowd to announce the devastating news.

Sergio Aguero Emotional During Press Conference

Sergio Aguero broke down in tears while announcing that he decided to stop playing football. He added that he was proud of his career, so it was tough for him to deal with the harsh reality.

The player informed the public about his physical examination when medical staff told him that he wouldn’t be able to keep playing. He added that it was hard for him to process that because everything he ever did was for football.

Kun also told the press that he was 5 years old when he first touched the ball and never thought he would make it to Europe. For that, he was grateful to everyone he trained with and considered himself fortunate that this critical medical issue happened after he enjoyed a glorious career.

Career Highlights

Sergio Aguero ended his career with 427 goals in 786 games. He is the 4th highest player in British Premier League (PL) history with the most goals; 184 goals in 275 games. Only 3 players above him are Andrew Cole (187), Wayne Rooney (208), and Alan Shearer (260). He is also the high-scoring foreign player in PL, having 9 more goals than the legend Thierry Henry (175).

Kun has registered 18 hat-tricks, out of which 12 were in PL, which is the highest record among all the English giants. He scored 36 goals for Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, which is the joint-highest score for an English team’s player in the competition. His record is tied with former Chelsea player Didier Drogba, who retired in 2018.

He scored against 128 teams, including the giants like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich.

The Legend of Premier League

Despite an untimely end to Aguero’s career, he has already cemented his status as one of the leading strikers of the 21st century. He started playing football with Independiente in Argentina before moving to Atletico Madrid in Spain. He won the Europa League in 2010, having scored 101 goals in 234 games. The impressive record attracted the interest of Manchester City, which reportedly paid 45 million EUR to purchase him from Atletico.

After coming to England, Sergio Aguero not only became a legend of Man City but entire England in his 10-year spell. He won the Premier League title 5 times, 1 FA Cup and 6 League Cups. Aguero left City in May after breaking their all-time records for most goals. He has registered 260 goals in 390 matches with 16 hat-tricks.

He was married to Gianna Maradona from 2008-2012. She was the daughter of Diego Maradonna, a footballer known for left-leaning political activism.

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