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Skype Now Offers Interviews Feature with Code Editor

Microsoft introduces the new Skype interviews feature. The new interviews feature will help increase the business user base of the platform. Recruitment experts believe that the use of this feature will help IT companies efficiently conduct technical job interviews online.

Range of Programming Language Options for Skype Interviews Feature

The new interviews feature takes care of most of the technical IT hiring. The interface of the interviews feature provides support for seven different programming languages. The interviewer can also give the interviewee technical coding tests via the real-time code editor. The feature currently available languages include Ruby, Python, C, C++, C#, Java, and JavaScript.

Skype Interviews Still in Testing Phase

The interviews feature is still in its infancy stage. Microsoft says that it is only available in the browser for the users. Microsoft is not the first one to come up with this idea. Many companies are already providing this service including CoderPad, Interview Zen, HackerRank, and Remote Interviewer.

So Why Microsoft Launches Skype Interviews Feature?

Well, the obvious answer is the number of people using this platform. Thus, the additional facility for the users to conduct technical interviews adds great value. It also becomes easy for users to find everything in the same software.

So if they have an interview on Skype, they can use it undergo the technical test. IT firms will find it pretty handy for the initial screening of candidates.

One Application Instead of Two

Interviews Feature Comes with Code EditorThe juggling between the two applications can sometimes make things difficult. So, when IT job seekers are interviewed on Skype, they have the code editor and the chat window in one platform. The video call is displayed on top of the code editor window in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This way, the interviewer can provide real-time instructions as well as feedback.

Why In-Browser Code Editor?

Well, once the programmer creates a code, they can edit it and see the results in the browser. It means making adjustments to the syntax and quickly catching highlighted mistakes. Make sure when you are preparing for an interview, your browser must have the English language enabled. You should not require downloading any additional plugins or applications.

Similarly, the interviewer just goes to the Skype website and clicks on “Start Interview” button. Upon clicking the “Start Interview” button, the interviewer will go to a unique link. The interviewer will share the URL with the interviewee. Upon receiving the interview link, the interviewee can join via login or as a guest.

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