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Anti-Vaxxer Shouting at Test Kitchen Staff in Pakistan Goes Viral

Social media is fuming after a video of a woman yelling at the staff of a local test kitchen in Karachi, went viral. As it can be seen from the video, the restaurant staff is asking her to show the COVID-19 vaccination certificate and she ends up lashing out at them. It also appears that the woman is flashing her mobile in the face of the chef, filming the whole incident. The woman goes on saying things like “you are violating the Constitution of Pakistan” and that she is a “human rights activist” before walking out of the restaurant.

Viewers have been having a field day trolling and making fun of the woman’s choice of words in that situation. They identify her as anti-vaxxer, an individual who rejects vaccination despite the contagious nature of the disease.

Test Kitchen Chef Shares Details with the Media

Sous Chef of the Okra’s Test Kitchen, Asad Aamir Monga told the media that this woman arrived in the restaurant without a face mask. He asked her to wear it after which she gave a lame excuse that she can’t wear a mask while eating. It did not make sense because she was not wearing one while entering either.

Then the chef asked her to display a vaccination card before she can be served food. This made her even angrier and she burst at the chef. In her denial of the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic, she mocked the chef and called him “idiot for wearing a face nappy”. Moreover, she made a video of the chef and threatened him that “he has been documented”. The anti-vaxxer also claimed that she was a “human rights activist” before picking up her bag and leaving the restaurant.

Monga described it as a terrible experience after which he could not work for some time. However, the exceptional public support and opinion raised his morale.

Public in Support of the Staff

Many viewers were annoyed by the woman’s way of treating the test kitchen staff, who was only trying to uphold official pandemic guidelines. They called for blunt action against such people who violated those guidelines in public places. They condemned the disrespectful behavior of the customer and highlighted major flaws in her argument.

The main one was associating the implementation of SOPs with human rights violations just to hide one’s flaw. Here the customer merely used flashy lines to keep denying her violation of COVID-19 restrictions. Sadly, this was a casual attitude of some unvaccinated people who even resorted to abusing guards for not letting them use certain facilities due to the absence of masks or vaccination cards.

Some users are describing the customer as the desi version of “Karen”, which is a widely popular meme in the western states. It is used to reference a specific type of white woman whose behavior sometimes exhibits privilege. During its evolution, it has been used for the kind of woman who always “want to speak to the manager” to assert her entitlement. In some cases, it has been used for racists who call the police on black people for no reason. Now lately it is being used for those who aggressively deny the direness of COVID-19 and reject wearing face masks.

Face Masks and Vaccination Are Mandatory in Restaurants

Asking customers for displaying vaccination certificates is not a human rights violation. The test kitchen staff was only doing its job. The provincial government in Karachi announced on September 15 that customers needed to carry their vaccination cards when going to a restaurant. Moreover, the government is likely to get stricter for the unvaccinated people in the coming days. There’s a high chance that they will be deprived of many facilities like oil, and gas until they complete their vaccination.

There is also the problem of fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates in Pakistan due to which possessing a real document as soon as possible is more important than ever.

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