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Minal Khan Pictures after Wedding Make Conservatives Furious

Pakistani actor Minal Khan has been sharing her honeymoon experience in the Maldives on social media, which has received mixed reactions from the viewers. She tied the knot with her husband Ahsan Mohsin in September 2021 and the couple’s wedding remained a trending topic on Instagram. Many of her fans are happy to see her post-marriage glow but there are some entities that have chosen to criticize her life choices.

Almost all pictures that she shared received degrading remarks as if the commentators were deliberately trying to sabotage her moments of joy. They posted conservative comments about her dressing and her poses with her husband. Reportedly, the actress had to turn off comments to enjoy her time to the fullest.

Trolls make Memes on Minal Khan Pictures

It seemed that a honeymoon full of romance was probably not digestible for a lot of Pakistani drama viewers. Many posted disrespectful comments under the pictures of Minal Khan in shorts. Trolls started to edit her pictures with different facial and body coverings. It was indescribably wrong to do such a thing and make the experience distasteful for those who were glad to receive regular updates about the newly wedded couple.

There’s no doubt that the pictures of the couple were amazing and also glorified the scenic beauty of Maldives but trolls could not see any further than their conservative thought pattern. In some pictures, the couple was riding a jet ski in the water and one said that they should’ve drowned in the same water. Ahsen replied that he only hoped for the well-being of that hater, its family, and its brain.

The couple kept on dealing with the trolls who crossed limits of misbehavior. They called Minal “shameless” and Ahsen a “sorry excuse of a man” who failed to stop his wife from wearing short clothes. The actor responded that his job was to guide and not dictate. He said that he hoped for a liberal Pakistan where women are allowed to do anything they want without their husbands, fathers, or brothers interfering in their lives.

The Wedding Ceremony

Minal Khan and her husband’s wedding pictures also received a mixed reaction on social media. Just like the recent honeymoon pictures, they remained in highlights for a long time. Besides few haters, the fans were in awe of how the couple and the whole environment looked. The ambiance at the functions, the dressing, the music, and the scenes were like a model wedding, from which others would take inspiration.

The couple became the talk of the town when Minal shared her engagement pictures. The different aspects of their wedding celebration that made it to social media remained under discussion. However, the criticism on the choice of dressing of Minal seems misogynistic. It explains society’s obsession with imposing a dress code on women that suits its whims.

Career Highlights

Minal Khan and her twin sister Aiman Khan are two of the most popular actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry. They are also the first identical twins to show up in the Pakistani TV and film scene. The sisters have been working ever since they were little girls and grew into young women right in front of the audiences’ eyes. When they were little, they used to work on the same projects as one person, taking turns. However, after growing up they never worked together due to the scripts pitting them against each other in opposite roles.

The most famous works of Minal include Dil Nawaz, Parchayee, Ghamand, Hassad, Jalan, and Ishq Hai. Most recently she appeared in a comedy telefilm, Lockdown (2021) with Emmad Irfani and Sadaf Shahroze.

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