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Turkey May Face Sanctions for Buying S-400 Missile System

After Iran, Turkey may be the next country to face the United States sanctions for buying the Russian made S-400 missile system which is rumored to have the capability to detect US airplanes equipped with stealth technology.

Turkey’s Say on Buying S-400 Missile System

The current president of Turkey Tayyip Erdoğan told media that reason Turkey was buying the S-400 missile system was to maintain peace and stability in the region while at the same time fulfilling its requirement for an air defense system. They approached the US to purchase its Patriot missile system, but their congress refused to sell it.

The US has warned Turkey that if it proceeded to buy the Russian designed missile system, it would risk getting itself booted out form the F-35 program. According to an arms deal agreement between the two countries, Turkey was to receive 100 f-35 which is one of the best fighter jets in the world today.

Why Not Allow Turkey Buy Russian Missile System

Turkey may face the United States sanctions on buying S-400 missile system for possibly two reasons. First, the missile system is likely to jeopardize the security of the F-35 fighter jet program by potentially stealing its data.

Secondly, it may face sanctions according to CATTSA ( Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions).

Apart from the United States, Turkey is facing sanctions from the EU (European Union) for Oil and Gas drilling off Cyprus.

Sectary Mike Pompeo while talking to the media, also stated that sanctions would be placed in case of any violations and no exception will be made. He also remarked that he was sure that President would back him on this.

The Response of Tayyib Erdogan on Sanctions

“If the two countries are allies then what’s the problem, we should focus on strengthening our trade and increase our collaboration in the defense industry which is something Trump has preferred instead of listening to this gossip” Erdoğan reportedly said on this matter.

The international relations of the US have gone from bad to worse over the years. Allies who once stood firmly with the country have now slowly started to shy away from it as a result of the Trump administration policies.  The United States and West are already facing a hard time in the Middle East due to tensions with Iran. Now this Turkey episode followed by the delivery of the Russian S-400 missile system is adding more to the deterioration of relations between the opposing blocs.

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