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Twitter Executive Slams Elon Musk in Leaked Video

A video went viral on social media in which a Twitter executive named Alex Martinez revealed some inside information about the tech giant. He also criticized Elon Musk’s vision of free speech on the social media platform and mocked his mental health. An undercover operative of Project Veritas recorded this video discreetly while talking to Martinez.

As it can be heard, he also admitted that several elements inside Twitter were trying to foil Musk’s takeover plans. Martinez claimed that there would be a “revolt” against the changes suggested by Musk.

Twitter Executive Says Elon Musk in a Looney Tune

In a lengthy conversation, the Twitter executive also brought Musk’s Asperger’s Syndrome into the mix and called him “special needs”. Furthermore, he said Musk was a “looney tune” and should not be taken seriously. While criticizing Musk’s free speech plans, he claimed that advertisers were “freaking out” over what it could mean for the company. Martinez also claimed that it did not matter how hard Musk tried; some people inside Twitter will always push back.

He said Twitter believed in something “good” for the planet rather than “just giving people free speech”. Martinez said Musk’s idea was flawed because people would not know how to make rational decisions unless Twitter promoted “correct” things that were “supposed to be” out in public.

The video continued with him explaining how Twitter was more concerned about its ideology than profits. He revealed that the tech giant was not making any money because of its ideology, so Elon Musk was coming to turn the tables.

Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech

Before this video of the Twitter executive, another leaked video was making rounds on social media. It showed the senior engineer Siru Murugesan revealing what was going on inside the company to a different Veritas operative. He made a shocking revelation that despite the buzz around Musk’s takeover, Twitter did not believe in free speech. He said that the tech giant was hard-left and routinely censored conservatives.

Murugesan described the Twitter workers as “commie as fu*k” who “hate, hate, hate” Elon Musk’s 44 billion USD deal. He claimed that they also tried to make him left-wing when he joined. Elon Musk has frequently complained about how Twitter was biased toward the left-wing. He noted how right-wing figures like Donald Trump were banned from Twitter while left-wing extremists were allowed to remain.

What is Project Veritas?

The undercover operatives, who recorded the statements of the Twitter executive and the engineer, worked for Project Veritas. It is a far-right activist group founded by the controversial James O’Keefe. Its work involves conducting undercover operations in various organizations and producing deceptively edited videos and secret recordings. The organization is financed by the conservative fund Donors Trust and supported by Donald Trump Foundation. It uses the entrapment technique to shame its targets publicly. The group is notorious for often generating disinformation and conspiracy theories. In 2017, Veritas tried to mislead The Washington Post into publishing a false report regarding Republican Senator Roy Moore, accused of sexually harassing multiple women.

Alex Martinez also showed the undercover operative a warning email from Twitter’s security about Project Veritas. Martinez explained that Project Veritas was leaking employees’ videos by going on dates in them “like this” (referring to his conversation with the Veritas reporter. However, Martinez was confident that the reporter was not from Veritas.

Ever since Elon Musk made an offer to buy Twitter, the employees have been warning about their “mass exodus”.

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