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UK Universities Top in World University Rankings

New university rankings have named Sussex and Loughborough as two of the UK Universities top educational institutes in the world for individual subjects.

Sussex University

Sussex UniversitySussex University was awarded best university in the world for teaching Development Studies.
Here are the top reasons to get into Sussex University for Development Studies.

  • The department uses cutting-edge research and high-profile research centers.
  • Faculty teaching students offer expertise in regions across the world including the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
  • The students can get an enriched learning experience with guest lectures, research seminars, and other events. These events cover a wide variety of development related issues.
  • Students can also avail chances to go on research placements with several of the partner organizations.
  • The students can take an MSc in Social Research Methods as a three-year program leading to doctoral study or a single year program.
  • The University offers international students with English as their second language academic preparation for Masters courses.

Loughborough University

Loughborough UniversityLoughborough University was ranked as the best university in the world for Sport.

Here is why you need to consider getting admitted in Loughborough University for studying sports related subjects.

  • The Loughborough University has extensively invested in facilities of Sports, Exercise, and Health Sciences.
  • Students have access to bespoke training and testing equipment using latest physiological, environmental, and molecular technologies.
  • The University has hired internationally recognized staff known for different specialties.
  • The University claims to produce highly employable graduates across different sports, exercise, and physical activity related graduate jobs. Some of the top brands hiring Loughborough sports graduates include Adidas, Nike, British Triathlon, British Swimming, David Lloyd, and UK Sport among others.
  • Lastly, the University’s high emphasis on transferable skills has enabled graduates to get jobs in other skills as well like Education, Finance, and Management.

Two Institutes Ahead of UK Universities Top Subjects

The United States remains ahead of other educational institutes when it comes to quality of education. Harvard and MIT top as the best two educational institutes in the world for most subjects.


Harvard remains the top most university in the world for 15 different subjects, including History, Biology, and Medicine.


MIT gets second place, ranking for 12 various topics including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Oxford Ranking

Oxford UniversityOxford, one of the most famous educational institutes in the UK top for four subjects including English, Geography, Anatomy, and Archaeology.

Subject Based University Rankings

Before you get carried away by this comparison, we need to understand that these rankings only talk about individual subjects. These subject-wise university rankings around the world significantly differ from the ones meant for the overall academic performance of any educational institute.

Why did So Many UK Universities drop from Rankings?

Here are some of the top reasons which have led to the downfall of quality education within the UK universities.

Poor Quality Teaching

Poor quality teaching has become a major problem for the UK Universities. Many in Britain argue UK Universities top professors are not engaging the students and working hard enough to attract young talent for studying in these top educational institutes. Universities are more focused on scholarly output. Similarly, Universities across the UK fail to provide the same quality of education to students.

Universities Lack Long Term Educational Benefits

Many of the Universities in the UK struggle to produce employable graduates. In a bid to get more students enrolled, they do not care about the career path a student will follow after graduation. Many of the students in the UK get a loan for financing their education. However, once they graduate, they cannot decipher if these students were better off before or after the degree they painstakingly earned.

Lack of Funding Damaging UK Universities Research

Research is always pivotal to University rankings. However, research needs funding, not provided in the right amounts to the UK universities. Many of the top educational institutes in the UK have abandoned research projects due to lack of finances. University rankings give a lot of emphasis on research. A few of the UK Universities top rankings because of te funding they receive.

Brexit Impact on UK Universities

The UK universities also receive an additional 15% funding from the European Union. If Brexit comes through, it may have an adverse impact on British universities. Brexit will also make it difficult for academics to work on investment intensive research projects. Similarly, the change in visa policies for Europeans as a by-product of Brexit would prevent high-caliber students from joining the UK universities.

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