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Is Protester Who Slapped Macron Right in the Face a Hero?

French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face by a protester while he was visiting a small town called Tain-l’Hermitage in southeast France. The video of the incident quickly went viral and generated highly polarizing reactions from the viewers. Some were furious at the protestor who slapped Macron while others hailed him as a hero against the feared institution of political leaderships.

Reportedly the French president just came out after visiting a hospitality high school and tried to greet the public, held behind traffic barriers. The video showed Macron approaching one man near the crowd barrier, who defiantly slapped Macron before bodyguards jumped in to protect the president and push the man away.

As per the latest media reports, cops have arrested two people, connected with slapping Emmanuel Macron in public.

Who is the Protestor Who Slapped Macron?

The man who slapped Macron was wearing a mask and a green T-shirt. As he slapped the president, he cried words that translated to “Down with Macron-ism” reflecting his dissent towards the political style of the French president. Reportedly, another man was arrested following the incident. The president returned to the barrier after the incident and tried to interact with the crowd again.

According to media reports, the identity and motives of the dissident were unclear. He and the other individual were being questioned by the gendarmerie (French military). Macron carried on his visit and did not comment anything on the incident yet. Most political personalities and French citizens have shown support for the French President. Even Macron’s opposition Marine Le Pen condemned the attack.

Macron’s political tour de France started a week ago aiming to consult with people on how to “turn the page of the pandemic” (as he said). However, the critics saw it as a preparation for his next possible campaign to be elected again.

What Has Macron Done to Deserve this Treatment?

The attack is not a public reaction of its own kind. There is a growing reaction in France against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

Yellow vest protests which are held in the country against the economic injustices of the government are one such example. On the other hand, Muslims are distressed due to Macron’s endorsement of Islamophobia by supporting blasphemous caricatures of Islamic Prophets, especially Muhammad (PBUH). It was not clear whether the person who slapped macron was from any movement.

While on the one hand, people are criticizing the man who slapped Macron, there are also those who hailed him as a hero for reacting to the president in this way.

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