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Yahoo Mail was down making its users go haywire

On the early morning of Thursday, yahoo mail became inaccessible for many users across the world due to some technical fault. This news did not settle well with people using yahoo email and what came later is worth taking a look at.

Downdetector Reports Yahoo Mail Down For The Count

According to Downdetector, more than 5000 people have reported problem accessing yahoo mail. Reports of people having problem with other services provided by yahoo have also come forth. In response to all the commotion, yahoo assured its user that it was doing all it could to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

The tech giant once ran a mighty search engine but couldn’t compete with Facebook and Google’s search engines for long. Despite its shortcoming yahoo still managed to retain its email customers. Millions of emails per day are sent using yahoo. So yahoo’s tech department must be working hard as hell to get the job done.

Let’s Join Gmail Instead

People are so annoyed with yahoo that they are threatening to leave it and pursue the services of other email service providers like Google.

Over the year’s majority of the people have stopped using yahoo mails services and have switched over to other email service providers like Gmail which as compared to yahoo, has a much better service record. For user who logged into their old yahoo account just to take a stroll down memory lane a few days back were savagely shocked and surprised.

Hay Use A VPN

Some tech-savvy Twitter users suggested alternative methods for people to access their email one of them being this.

At times people jump the gun and end up drawing the wrong conclusions. If you’re not able to access your account, it doesn’t mean it’s hacked.

 After a few hours, yahoo posted a message on Twitter saying that most of the services had been restored and the remaining issues were being solved.
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