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Zomato vs Careem Battle is More Entertaining than T20 World Cup

Two of the most popular brands in India and Pakistan have been squabbling online since the T20 World Cup match on October 23. Pakistan lost its first match of the tournament to India by 4 wickets, inviting all kinds of trolls, including the Indian food delivery app, Zomato. This led Pakistan’s ridesharing app, Careem, to also have some fun, making things interesting for the fans from both sides. In fact, Zomato vs Careem might have been a more enjoyable tussle than the cricket tournament itself.

Zomato vs Careem Takes Cricket to New Level

Both IND and PAK have now qualified for the T20 World Cup 2022 semifinals. However, green shirts had a rocky start to the tournament, losing their second match as well to Zimbabwe. Some spectators even lost hope that PAK would make it to the semifinals, considering its next matches against the Netherlands and South Africa. Zomato also made a joke, belittling PAK’s spirit to turn the tide.

However, Pakistan managed to defeat NTD by 6 runs and SA by Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method. It still depended on SA’s loss in order for Pakistan to advance. Thanks to NTD defeating South Africa, both Pakistan and Bangladesh got an opportunity to fight for a spot in the semifinals. PAK beat BAN by 5 wickets and joined England, India, and New Zealand in the semifinals. Careem took the perfect opportunity to respond to Zomato’s joke about PAK’s performance.

Cheating Controversy

After India won, Zomato took to Twitter and made a pun to rub the defeat in Pakistani fans’ faces. Pakistan’s ridesharing app, Careem, clapped back at Zomato by referring to the controversial final over.

The supporters of green shirts were disappointed by the umpire’s decision when Virat Kohli smashed a six on a full-toss delivery by Mohammad Nawaz. Pakistani fans did not like that a full-toss was ruled as a waist-height no-ball. The review was inconclusive, and Kohli was also well outside the popping crease. Moreover, Nawaz bowled Kohli on a free hit, but India still got three runs.

Pakistani cricketers argued with the umpire to declare a dead ball as the batter was bowled out on a free hit. However, the decision went in India’s favour, leading to sharp noise on social media. Here’s Careem’s response to Zomato on the matter.

Zomato Hits Back

Zomato vs Careem carried on after PAK vs BAN match sparked another umpiring controversy. This time the umpire was accused of ruling the decision in PAK’s favour. During the 11th over, Shadab Khan was able to take an important wicket from the Bangladeshi captain Shakib-al-Hasan. The umpire’s judgment was Leg Before Wicket (LBW), but the review showed a noticeable spike when the ball passed Shakib’s bat. However, the third umpire ruled that there was a huge gap between the bat’s toe and the ground when the spike appeared, leading to Shakib’s dismissal. Bangladeshi and Indian fans trolled Pakistani fans in the aftermath, and Zomato used Careem’s reply to get back at its online rival.

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