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People Have Questions About Ranbir and Alia Baby

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have welcomed a baby girl, and Bollywood fans cannot stop talking about it. They have been discussing the little fellow’s past, present, and future, since her first day on Earth. The couple got married in April 2022 and announced their pregnancy in June 2022. Ranbir and Alia baby arrived this Sunday, 6 November, in Mumbai. The new parents recently hosted a baby shower with their family at the same location where they got married. Huge Bollywood celebrities have congratulated the couple, but trolls decided to have some fun at their expense.

Ranbir and Alia Baby is Here 2 Months Too Early

The main question floating around was the duration between Ranbir and Alia’s marriage and pregnancy. There was a lot of speculation that the couple might have been pregnant before the wedding. Normally, the pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks or 9 months. In some cases, premature babies can be delivered within 37 weeks. However, in extreme cases, premature birth can also happen between 23 and 28 weeks. Ranbir and Alia baby took 30 weeks or 7 months to arrive, which was used to troll the couple. Many also shared several memes on this matter.

Jokes Are Not Stopping

Apart from memes, there were many other sick jokes regarding this pregnancy phenomenon. They cannot be included in this article, but here is one relatively decent one. It asks the question about how the newly born girl will defend herself against the high school trolls who will likely bring up this ongoing controversy.

Another Star Kid of Bollywood

Ranbir and Alia baby is the talk of the town. Every big and small media outlet has been gushing about her birth to 2 of the biggest superstars in Bollywood. There are also some theories about her fate being predestined in Bollywood. As she is Alia Bhatt’s daughter, many have been wondering what Karan Johar would be feeling right now. Social media users joked that the baby was an opportunity for Johar to launch yet another star kid to the heights of glory.

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