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PMLN Leader Zubair Umar Leaked Video Inspires Funny Memes

PMLN Leader Zubair Umar Leaked Video has caused an earthquake of emotions on social media. He is one of the most senior politicians in the country and his objectionable video is puzzling many viewers. The video appears to be a compilation of various incidents where Zubair Umar is being physically active with different unidentifiable women. The face of Zubair can be clearly seen but the rest of the video is blurry for obvious reasons.

Ex-Governor of Sindh denied that the man was not him in the video and alleged that the video was doctored. Reportedly, he also wanted to conduct a forensic audit of the video.

The leaked video has led many viewers to run different commentaries on the incident but some have also shared some funny memes.

Social Media Reacts to Zubair Umar Leaked Video

The public and political opponents also jumped at the opportunity to mock Zubair Umar. The spokesperson for Maryam Nawaz became the top trend on social media after the viral video. Most of the netizens were curious to learn about the identity of a person who leaked the video of a high-profile politician.

Most were criticizing Zubair Umar while others raised concern that the personal life of a politician should be kept separate from the political one.

How Can Politicians Stay Safe?

The memes not only targeted Zubair Umar but also multiple members of the former government led by PMLN who was ousted after the allegations of corruption. The audience made jokes that other PMLN officials might also be worried after seeing the leakage of one of their colleagues.

Those Wondering What Asad Umar is Doing?

Zubair’s brother, PTI’s Asad Umar has not yet given any response according to reports. However, it did not stop netizens from assuming how he would be feeling about the ongoing storm.

Someone also imagined how one brother in the ruling government will respond to the blunder of another brother in opposition.

Difference of Leakage Between Rich and Poor

The incident also showed the sad difference between the life of rich and poor. There are countless financial and social issues involved in the poor communities that they rarely find moments of peace and passion. While rich on the other hand have the freedom to do anything they want with their time and money.

2021 Calendar September Edition

This year was filled with funny and embarrassing moments that became popular meme materials on social media. This calendar showed them according to the month they happened and the September one featured Zubair Umar leaked video.

Men Are not Robots

Someone shared another “Men are not Robots” meme as another example to show how PM Imran Khan’s take on causes of rape in Pakistan was flawed.

What is the Motive Behind this Video?

Despite the funny reactions, there was also debate surrounding the possible leaker of these videos. Some said it was an inside job while others opined that some political opponent might have leaked the video. However, these were just theories based on the political views of the people and exact facts have yet to come into the limelight.

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