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The New Aladdin Trailer Gets Bashed By Fans Again

Diseny has dropped another Aladdin trailer only to face severe criticism from fans. Unlike the last one, the new trailer gives a glimpse of how gennie looks. The character  played by will smith has become the talk of the town

What’s Different About The Aladdin Trailer

Aladdin trailer has improved sound and visual effect quality. It offers a sneak peek into Will Smith’s charachter as a gennie which hasn’t gotten the best of reaction from the fans. Many are questioning whether Smith is aware of how horrible he looks.

Some think Will’s appearance is so bad that  he reminds them of an Indian version of  the gennie called jaddu 

It seems that people have liked Jafar for looking too hot. So, all that attention in new Aladdin Trailer has been diverted from main charachter.

The trailer for many is an even bigger let down than the last Aladdin teaser.

Some are having a hard time watching the trailer

Nothing But Blue

Smith’s new appearance is nothing but beautiful addition to the line of blues.

Some feel it is the scariest thing they have ever seen

On The Lighter Side

Not everyone hated Aladdin trailer, there were many who liked it.

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