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Ansar Abbasi’s Comments on Women Doing Work Out Cause Outrage

Journalist Ansar Abbasi shared the video of a woman doing work out which was aired on PTV, through his Twitter account. In his tweet, he also mentioned Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Sarfaraz, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting, Asim Bajwa and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Kham. Ansar Abbasi who is famous for propagating conservative views in the name of Islam probably shared this video because he thought it to be indecent and inappropriate to be aired on National TV.

Why Ansar Abbasi shared The Video?

Urdu newspaper readers know that Abbasi is famous for teaching the importance of Pardah (taking veil) in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The reactions to his tweet reveal that people appeared shocked that a woman just doing work out to maintain her fitness would have to do to corrupt the moral fabric of society that it would require the attention of authorities.  It appears that Ansari was adding to the ideology of those who think that women’s dressing and their being on national TV in what is deemed as indecent form are the reasons why men murder and rape. In this way, the opinion also supposedly emphasized that women’s behavior turns out to be the foundation of men’s frustration. Therefore, they indulge themselves in wretched acts.

Apparently, he held PTV and the government of Pakistan liable for allowing the show to portray women in a licentious manner. His sole vision depicted through his tweet that ostensibly disclosed the women’s impracticality towards following the religion properly.

Public Criticising Ansar Abbasi

Ansar Abbasi aspired to show the bitter reality by using PTV’s show as a reference to his vision. However, it did not turned out to be a successful implication of his mindset upon people’s opinion. They despised his opinion of women doing workout as an act that was worth the attention of authoriies. In fact, People even used harsh language to express their concerns.


Emotionally furious individuals utilized offensive words for him in order to describe the absurdity of his opinion regarding women. They hit him with satire covered with revulsion and hatred.

Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chauhdry also presented his views about him. He stated that Ansar could facilitate himself with the psychic therapy and medical help, if seeing women on advertisement boards or doing exercise made him feel amorous.

People’s Ideological Similarity with View Point of Ansar Abbasi

Apart from the negations and criticism, many entities sided with Abbasi’s school of thought. They agreed with the fact that women exposing themselves in such programs results in the increase of frustration in men. They also allegedly stated that women adapting a western mindset were against religious ideologies.


Some appreciated him for his revelation of the cause behind rape cases. According to them, being a Muslim state, such inappropriateness was nothing but vulgarity. They also thanked him for highlighting the issue. 

They cursed those who spoke against Ansar Abbasi. The people who thought he was wrong for showing the video and delivering a silent message for the public, also needed to allow their daughters and wives to wear inappropriate clothes too.


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