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Who is behind Anti-Pakistan ads on Cabs and Buses in the UK?

A malicious campaign based on malign intentions is set with the anti-Pakistan ads. First, there were anti-Pakistan advertisements on cabs, and later they were seen on the London buses. The Transport for London ordered the immediate removal of these anti-national advertisements.

High-Profile Inquiry into the Malicious Anti-Pakistan Ads Campaign

A spokesperson for the TfL has already stated that the authority has initiated a high-profile internal inquiry. The inquiry, accordingly to Transport for London, will ask the staff about why the buses displayed these advertisements.

The staff of the TfL has clearly violated the standards set by the Advertising Standards Agency. The inquiry will hold the persons responsible for these anti-Pakistan ads. Advertisements have been removed from around 35 buses and TfL make sure to get the anti-national advertisements removed from the remaining buses.

Current anti-Pakistan Ads Result of Incompetence

The authorities in Transport for London further said that the placement showcases a lack of competency to judge the rightfulness of these adverts. Furthermore, Transport for London gave clarification that these adverts do not comply with the internal guidelines followed for placing adverts.

Also, they blamed the advertising partner who accepted the advertisement while not referring Transport for London about it. The management has already given instructions to immediately remove any such ads in the future.

anti-Pakistan ads

Anti-Pakistan Elements and Potential Names Behind These Campaigns

An infamous group that goes with the name of World Baloch Organization was behind these advertisements. A nephew of a Baloch leader Mehran Marri, who currently lives in exile. Authorities believe to be presently operating in Switzerland.

However, there is no confirmation if he has placed these adverts. He does not have a clear past with two decades of campaigning for the insurgency against the state. His associates say that he is not responsible for running these anti-national advertisements.

Authorities in London Need to Do a Better Job

Well, a few days ago we saw such anti-national advertisements on the famous black cabs in London. However, the authorities in Pakistan showed a strong reaction against them. Despite this event, the Transport for London should have done a better job to prevent such an event from happening again.

However, they were not able to prevent it from taking place once again. The Foreign Office in Pakistan must launch a stronger protest against such events. Authorities should take action against such morally corrupt leaders who are living in exile and spoiling the repute of the country.

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