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Anushka Sharma Posts Heartfelt Message for Virat Kohli Birthday

It’s 5th November which means it’s also Viral Kohli Birthday and his wife has a special message for him. Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma gushes over her husband and praises his courage. The cricketer has been facing a series of online abuse since India lost a T20 World Cup match to Pakistan on Oct 24. Sharma lauded the cricketer’s resolve in dealing with horrible internet trolls who resorted to personal assaults.

Virat Kohli Birthday Message on Instagram

The actor took to Instagram and posted an intimate picture of the two along with a loving note. She said that Virat’s core was made of steel and he was perfectly capable of picking himself up after any setback. She admitted that the couple never spoke on social media that much but the situation made her scream to the entire world about how Kohli was an amazing person.

The cricketer responded by thanking her and God for putting them together. He said that Anushka was his strength and his guiding force. This lovely exchange between the two on the Virat Kohli birthday occasion captivated their fans, who posted equally loving remarks.

The target of Hindutva Extremists

Many famous personalities have sent well wishes on Virat Kohli birthday and praised the captain for his actions during the maniacal attacks of trolls. Kohli became a target of abuse after supporting teammate Mohammad Shami, who was also a target of Indian extremists. Shami’s performance during the match was also below average like many other Indian cricketers. Extremists singled him out because of his religion and called him a traitor, who deliberately gave a poor performance so Pakistan could win.

This absurd claim not only annoyed Kohli but many other intellectuals in India. Virat called such people spineless who were at the lowest possible level of humanity, one could stoop to. Then those extremists proved his point by giving rape threats to his 10-month-old daughter, for supporting a Muslim teammate.

India’s Bleak Chances for T20 World Cup?

Virat Kohli birthday present is yet to come in T20 World Cup as the team is still hanging in the middle after winning 1 out 3 matches. This is why there is a full focus on India’s current match with Scotland. However, even if it wins, it will still be in hot waters due to the run rate. Afghanistan is leading the Group 2 table with the highest run rate at +1.481. India’s chances to stay in the competition depend on Afghanistan defeating New Zealand on 7th November because NZ sits on the second spot after Pakistan. As only 2 can qualify from each group, the remaining teams will battle furiously for the second spot.

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