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President Arif Alvi Becomes a Meme for Mistweeting

President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi went viral on social media after some gibberish tweets were seen from his account. It seemed like that the president committed typos but his son Dr. Awab Alvi clarified that it was a mistake. Apparently, the tweets were sent mistakenly when the phone was inside the president’s pocket.

The tweets were replies under the post of MaddyWithKhan which are now deleted. However, the internet never forgets and forgives. Folks immediately started judging the situation and wondering what could have the president said. This way, those cryptic tweets are now preserved on the internet forever.

Did Arif Alvi Give Phone to Kids?

The incident reminded the citizens that President Arif Alvi is also a grandfather. They thought that some of his grandkids may have been using the president’s phone and got unsuspectingly exposed to Twitter.

Citizens Giving Advice to the President

Highlighting what Indian cricketer Suresh Raina did after his nephew posted some random stuff on social media. It is truly an embarrassing moment for original persons when someone uses their account for something. Raina admitted that the smartphone is a dangerous invention as much as its helpful. Users called out Arif Alvi to be extra careful with his phone.

Are these Nuclear Codes?

While many were trying to decode what the president has said, some were fast enough to conclude that it may have been the password for activating the nuclear weapon.

A Sensual Review

Some remember Arif Alvi from his 2015 stint where he reviewed the sci-fi movie Interstellar and then planned to watch 50 Shades of Grey next. They thought that the tweets looked like the president was just giving his review about the movie. Considering how his tweets looked like someone was moaning.

Maybe one Customer Evaded Dental Examination

President Arif Alvi is also a dentist due to which the netizens may have thought that he was just asking his customer to visit the clinic, who may have missed the appointment on purpose.

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