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Arooj Aftab Talks About Being the First Pakistani to Win Grammys

The Pakistani vocalist, Arooj Aftab won the prestigious Grammy trophy for her song ‘Mohabbat’ in the best global performance category. She became the first Pakistani woman to win the accolade. The singer seemed so overwhelmed with her win as it was a huge achievement for her. Arooj is an internet sensation for quite a time for her work in the music field. The Grammys 2022 was a much-awaited event as it was postponed earlier due to the Omicron variant of Covid 19.

The star-studded awards that marked performances from celebrities made it a special event.

Arooj Aftab Wins the Best Global Performance

Last year, Arooj Aftab released her album The Vulture Prince which contained 7 songs including Baghon Main, Diya Hai, Inayat, Last Night, Mohabbat, Saans Lo, Suroor. But “Mohabbat” gained massive popularity. This also got her to be nominated in the best artist category other than the best global performance category under which she recently won a Grammy award.

Aftab gave a short speech while receiving the trophy. The artist said that she was nervous before and now thrilled to have the title. While holding the trophy in hand, the Grammy winner expressed that she might faint because being in nominations was itself a big thing and the category was also out of this world.

How Mohabbat Song became So Famous?

Arooj Aftab became a sensation in Pakistan soon after her cover song Mohabbat came out and YouTube users loved it. They started praising her for being a good vocalist and attempting such a beautiful song. Even the former President of the United States, Barak Obama admired the musical masterpiece and said the song was his favourite in the list of his 2021 summer playlist. Many Pakistani Celebrities admired Arooj Aftab for being Nominated for Grammys 2022. She was already a star ready to shine at the biggest musical award show.

Other Special Winners

Aside from Arooj Aftab, the Pakistani first-ever artist to win a Grammy award, many other popular faces also became winners of prestigious awards. Jon Batiste, a multi-genre artist ruled in the best album category. Olivia Rodrigo beat Arooj, who was also nominated for the best new artist and won the title. lastly, Batiste won the album of the year award for the “We Are” album. The very collection of songs was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

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